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Prince Bernard sexually molested young girls

© 4 November 2016 Marthijn Uittenbogaard
Prince Bernard was the husband of princess Juliana. Both died in the year 2004. Juliana was our Dutch queen. She was a very down to earth queen. One with the people, not trying to stand above others. She was in this not comparable with her daughter and later queen, Beatrix. Juliana married Bernard but the marriage was like hell. She almost divorced him but due to pressure on her there was never a divorce. Well not officially. The last years of their marriage Bernard never saw his wife. One lived in the eastern part of the palace and the other in the western part.

Bernard had not only children with Julia but also some out of extramarital affairs. Prince Bernard, who was of German origin, used to be a member of the NSDAP, the German Nazi-party. All this facts were kept secret by the mass media. Some facts reached us because German newspapers were writing about it. The dutch royal family is very powerful in The Netherlands. Their influence in the Dutch mass media is enourmous. And with their I mean the RVD (Rijksvoorlichtingsdient, Netherlands Government Information Service).

Prince Bernard was also a main character in the Lockheed bribery scandals. [1]

This year, Jolande Withuis published a biography about prince Bernard. In this biography sociologist Withuis revealed that Bernard tried to sexually molest a 16-year old girl. And Governess Nitschmann always locked her door to keep save from Bernards sexual attacks. Her successor was also sexually attacked by the prince. And a young member of Juliana's theater group was also sexually attacked by the prince. No age of her is given in the news articles published about this new biography.

Prince Bernard was never convicted for this illegal behavior. The royal family kept this a secret.

When someone in 2007 linked to photo's of royal children on the Martijn-forum, the royal family immediately took action. Martijn deleted the forum post after a complaint made by the RVD. But that was not enough. Within a couple of days a court case was there and Martijn was convicted because of legal behavior by a non Martijn-member. Association Martijn had to prevent the post from being done! Every other online forum is not responsible for the posts of their members the judge said but Martijn was a different organization so the law was different for them. Some years later Martijn was outlawed by a judge... Some people believe the RVD was behind this ban of the Martijn organization. When Martijn was in court because of the royal pictures affair no lawyers could be found to represent the organization (also due to the short time: three days including a weekend). Famous lawyers told Martijn that they were afraid to be involved and they also said that such a case you just cannot lose, but because it's the royal family you always will lose.

The new king Willem Alexander is going to the celebration of the COC. The Dutch gay association is celebration their 70 years existence. In the first twenty years of their existence they were officially not an organization. Back then, you needed royal approval when you started an organization. This approval, when you start let's say a fishing club, usually was a formality. But not this time; the COC was not allowed this right for many years. In the 1970's the royal approval was banned from our laws. By the way, the Dutch COC used to be in favor of pedosexuality for many years, but due to the recent witch hunt they kept silence for many years about this issue. When Martijn was banned they just looked away in silence.

The royal family has a long list of scandals surrounding them but it's as always: keeping up appearances.

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