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We are all pedophiles

© 17 May 2017 Marthijn Uittenbogaard
How many people do have pedosexual feelings? Well, we all do. At the same time, when someone says he or she has pedosexual feelings, that person becomes an outcast and aggression towards him or her is the norm.

The word pedosexual still does not exist in the spell check service in LibreOffice, as if the word is never used in our society. Besides heterosexual, homosexual is in it. I wonder when homosexual became common in dictionaries? After most people accepted homosexual acts? A dictionary should put all words in there: it should be about language and not about morality.

I also strongly believe that most people are bisexual, or better said: multisexual. But again most people deny a (large) part of their own sexuality. When a study is done, were they ask people if they are strictly heterosexual then you see something interesting. The younger the people are the more they have bisexual feelings. Elderly people: only some percent of them; every younger generation has more bisexual feelings. That means that we as humans in Western countries are changing into bisexuals. Our DNA maybe is changing rapidly in a few generations. Or - the truth - because off a greater acceptance of homosexuality, more people dare to say they also have some or a lot gay feelings themselves.

The Old Greeks and also in the Roman Empire or hundreds of years ago in Japan, pederasty was common in society. The Old Greeks had besides a wife, sexual intercourse with boys. If the boys were slaves or not and if it was with or without their consent is not always easy to answer. I guess sometimes yes it was, and sometimes no it wasn't. The percentages between them: don't ask me. But that's not the point I now want to make. Almost every upper class Greek back then had pederastic sex at that time. So we already knew that bisexual feelings were the norm in the human male. The same examples we can find in some African tribes.

So we do have straight feelings and gay feelings and pedophile feelings and we have sadomasochistic feelings too. All these feelings are in (almost) every single person. We are polymorph perverse, as Sigmund Freud said. It's one of the few things he was right about.

We should teach children that all those feelings are acceptable. We should not limit their sexuality, their 'identity'. Let's stop to identify people with gay, straight or pedo. Off course the percentages very from person to person. I myself have much more gay feelings than straight feelings. And maybe - yes maybe - more pedosexual feelings then average. And you can also be sexual attracted to people you don't find attractive at all. But the fact that the other is attracted to you can turn you on, or the fact that you like that person or just enjoy sex with him or her no matter how he or she looks. A lot is possible in the human being. And sometimes you like to eat potato chips and the next day you are more into Brussels sprouts.

If gay feelings and pedophile feelings were not a useful thing, then those feelings would extinct very soon in the human being due to natural selection (Charles Darwin). But these feelings must be useful to us humans. Useful in a way to survive as a specie. Gay and pedophile feelings are also common in animals, especially in the ones close to us humans: the apes. It is more common in caring and loving bonobo apes than in aggressive chimpanzees though.

The common aggression against gay and pedophile people - do they exist as such? - is because people want to deny their own feelings. Those aggressive people are the problem in our society. Let's free ourselves, and maybe start with the children.

Poster presentation about the percentage of men with pedophile feelings - Poster presentation by Philip Tromovitch (Doshisha University); University of Cambridge; 4,5 July 2013
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"Wees eerlijk en laat zien wie je bent."
"Kinderen moeten veel meer zeggenschap krijgen."
"Alle zedenwetten moeten weg."
"Pedohaat heeft niets met seks te maken."
"We gaan verkeerd met seksualiteit om."
"Hoe zinniger wat je zegt, hoe bozer men wordt."
"Zonder pedofilie zou de wereld veel armer zijn."