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Hidden messages in movies: the Goonies

© 20 November 2017 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

I used to collect DVD movies with kids in it. I stopped collecting them because there were to many of them and it costs space in your home and also a lot of money. While watching many films, I saw a lot of clues about pedophilia. In old movies, there were a lot of clues about homosexuality. This was in the times that homosexuality was a taboo. The close watcher - especially if he or she was gay - would notice them, most people would not. I believe there are many clues about pedosexuality in movies nowadays. The problem is: I forgot which clues were in which movie.

What kind of clues did I see? I saw a boy on a couch with a dog on him. The dog was licking his face, they were almost making love... The boy asks at that moment: How old is this dog in human life. As if he is making love with a grown up man... Is this a clue? It can be. When you notice many clues like this in a movie then one and one equals two. Other clues are: the names of the characters. A character can be named: Alice, Lewis or Carroll. Alice In Wonderland was written by a pedophile named Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson). Sometimes there are only a couple of songs in a movie and everyone of them has something to do with pedophilia. Songs from Michael Jackson, songs from the Smith. This pop group had pedophile songs in their repertoire. Sometimes clues can be found in the background: what is being shown on the telly. Many European kids movies had a naked scene of the kids in the movie. This scene usually was never necessary concerning the script. The last 15 years, there usually is still such a scene in it, but you will not see the child totally naked anymore from the front. This due to the pedo hysteria around nude children (and their sexuality). I here will give a review about one movie: the Goonies. You can twist if there are pedophile clues in this movie or not. But you cannot twist about the clues concerning children's sexuality in it.

Movie: the Goonies (1985).
Steven Spielberg presents a Richard Donner film.
Starring: Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldman, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton, Ke Huy Quan.
Also starring: John Matuszak as Sloth, Robert Davi, Joe Pantoliano, Anne Ramsey.
Casting by: Mike Fenton (C.S.A.), Jane Feinberg (C.S.A), Judy Taylor (C.S.A.). (C.S.A. doesn't stand for Child Sexual Abuse here I think.)
Music score by Dave Grusin.
Film editor: Michael Kahn (A.C.E.).
Production designer: J. Michael Riva.
Director of photography: Nick McLean.
Executive producers: Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshhall, Kathleen Kennedy.
Screenplay: Chris Columbus.
Story by: Steven Spielberg.
Produced by: Richard Donner and Harvey Bernhard.
Directed by: Richard Donner.

The kids in this movie:
Sean Astin (1971) as Michael "Mikey" Walsh.
Corey Feldman (1971) as Clark "Mouth" Devereaux.
Jeff Cohen (1974) as Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen.
Jonathan Ke Huy Quan (1971) as Richard "Data" Wang.
Josh Brolin (1968) as Brandon "Brand" Walsh.
Kerri Green (1967) as Andrea "Andy" Carmichael.
Martha Plimpton (1970) as Stephanie "Stef" Steinbrenner.

Plot of the movie (from Wikipedia): "Facing foreclosure of their homes in the Goon Docks area of Astoria, Oregon to an expanding country club, a group of children who call themselves "the Goonies", gather for a final weekend together. The Goonies include optimist Mikey Walsh, his older brother, Brandon, the inventive Data, the talkative Mouth, and the overweight klutz Chunk. While rummaging through the Walshes' attic, they come across a 1632 doubloon and an old treasure map purporting to lead to the famous pirate "One-Eyed" Willy's hoard located nearby."

They find the treasure and all ends well. But that's one part of this movie. The second part is about the sexuality of youth. See below.

(3.29) Mouth gets a stream of water in his face. His father, who is a plumber, is fixing the plumbing.
(4.07) Chunk gets Milkshake in his face.
(5.16) Mickey laying on his bed says: 'Nothing exiting ever happens around here anyway.'
(5.27) Mickey sucks on his inhaler. He does this many times in the movie.
(5.38) Mickey who pronounces words wrongly during the movie and then is corrected always, says: 'Dictate myself'. (Sounds like dick as if he means jerking off.) Brand, his older brother corrects him: 'That's delude yourself, dummy'.
(5.52) Mickey gets on top of Brand who is laying and using a fitness apparatus.
(5.58) Brand lifts the boys up with the fitness apparatus and gets him back on him. (Like in a sexual act).
(6.34) A statue of a the naked David by Michelangelo can be seen. Mikey is reading MAD magazine.
(6.40) Mouth talks about 'Cruising the coast'. Cruising is used by gays for sexual cruising.
(6.42) Mouth says: 'Screw it up'. Sexual language.
(6.48) Mouth says: 'Flunking your driver's test'. Flunking sounds like fucking.
(6.54) Fat boy Chunk wants to get inside the house. Mouth: 'Jerk alert, it's Chunk'.
(7.19) Chunk must let see his naked upper body and do crazy (the Truffle Shuffle) to get inside the house.
(8.08) Chunk: 'It's the most amazing thing I ever saw'. Mickey: 'More amazing than when Michael Jackson used your bathroom?'
(8.19) Chunk: 'Michael Jackson didn't come to my house to use the bathroom. But his sister did.'
(8.43) Chunk grasps the statue of the naked David, because it falls when the Asian boy Data comes flying in spectacularly. Crotch of statue David can be seen easily.
(8.55) Chunk letting the statue fall. Chunk: 'Look, it's not broken. It's perfect'.
(9.02) Mikey: 'Oh my God. That's my mom's most favorite piece!'. The penis of the statue has come off. Mikey tries to do dick and scrotum in place but he is holding these parts upside down.
(10.42) Mouth can speak Spanish and he has to translate his mother to a only Spanish speaking woman who is hired for cleaning the house. Mouth wrongly translates: 'Marijuana goes into this drawer', 'Cocaine and speed in the second', 'Heroin in the bottom', 'always separate the drugs'.
(10.53) 'Look how's that'. The dick is placed upside down on David statue, so now it looks like a stiff dick.
(10.57) Brand: 'If God meant it that way, you'd be pissing in your faces'.
(10.59) Chunk: 'Looks fine to me'. It's always saver to let the fat boy say the most sexy stuff...
(11.09) Mouth to Spanish lady, wrongly translating his mom again: 'Never go up there. It's (the attic) filled with Mr. Walsh's sexual torture devices'.
(12.22) Mikey's Mother to Data (the Asian boy): 'Use the backdoor from now'. (Gays use the 'backdoor'.)
(12.47) Brand grabs Mikey: 'You want a breathing problem? You got one'. Mikey now is laying on his back on his older brother's lap.
(12.56) He stays sitting on Brand's lap. (A younger and older boy, how romantic.)
(14.12) A painting on the attic has a hole in it on place where the mouth is. Mouth to Mikey: 'Come on, give me a nice, wet, lickery kiss.' He pulls his tongue out far through the painting.
(15.33) Chunk talking about 'A real big ball'. (Language.)
(15.51) Mikey: 'It's your top score on pole position. (Language.)
(16.24) The name of the pirate is One-Eyed Willy. (Language.)
(17.20) A beautiful shot of Data and Mikey, the two beautiful boys in this movie.
(17.44) Mikey: 'Booty trap'. Data corrects him: 'Booby trap'.
(19.17) Mouth: 'Jerk alert'. Two men at the front door; an old man and a middle aged one.
(20.08) Mikey: 'And never get their balls out'. (Language.)
(20.30) A beautiful shot of Mikey thinking, then he walks and hugs a pillar on the veranda.
(20.36) Brand sees Mikey and Mikey runs to him and they hug each other passionately.
(20.59) Chunk shoots whipped cream in his mouth.
(21.14) Brand talks about a date with Andy. Andy is a she, but in the movie she is called Andy, which is a familiar boy's name. (When an older boy or man is close to a younger boy (or girl) they always must let the public know that he is into girls/women his own age.)
(21.27) Mouth is sitting in the sink. Brand opens the faucet so his ass gets wet.
(21.50) A video clip is playing on the television. It's the song 'The Goonies 'R' Good Enough' by Cindy Lauper. Cindy had hits with 'She Bob' (1984) about masturbation and 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' (1984).
(22.40) Mikey: 'It took his 376 lawn mowing jobs to pay for it'. Mike is putting the air out off Brand's bike. (Mowing jobs sounds like blowing jobs.)
(24.36) You made me go up this big hill and said give me a Twinkie. (Maybe far fetched but twinks are boys in gay porn aged 18-20 who look very boyish.)
(26.20) 'Give you a ride'. 'Sucker'. (Language. But between older boys and girls.)
(27.15) Mikey and Data walk with arms around each other. (Cute to see.)
(27.24) Now not only with arms around each other but also hopping.
(28.50) Pepsi Cola is visible a couple of times in this movie.
(30.44) Old lady: 'The only thing we serve is tongue'. While holding Mouth's cheeks so his tongue comes out. She opens a stiletto knife and asks: 'You boys like tongue?'.
(34.19) Old lady: 'Kids suck.' (Language.)
(35.33) Stef to Mouth: 'Mouth you look better from behind'.
(36.00) Mouth: 'You know, I got some naked pictures of your mom, taking a bath. Want to buy them?'. Chunk: 'What?!'. Mouth: 'Real cheap'. Mouth wants Chunk to get angry so he bangs to door open.
(38.07) They go see a monster ('Part of him is human'). The "monster" is chained to the wall. Brand and Andy almost kiss each other. A bit later Andy falls on Brand, they look with love in their eyes to each other and they again almost kiss.
(38.22) Mouth: 'Come on, Brand, slip her the tongue'.
(42.05) Chunk: 'It's a stiff'. (A frozen body falls out a large freezer.) (Language.)
(43.33) Chunk: 'Guys, I'm stuck with the stiff!'.
(51.19) One of the girls: 'I should've let him look at my body. Don't I have a beautiful body? [...] How many years do I have before I get fat? Before my hairs falls out?' Message: girls (and boys too) have fun (sex) while you're young.
(53.24) Data: 'I'm gonna set booty traps'. Now Data is corrected: 'Booby traps'.
(1.00.19) Guys talking about girls.
(1.04.00) Mikey is using his inhaler while looking up. (Always a nice shot: boy with dick in his mouth looking up with eyes begging for cum.)
(1.06.51) "Monster", his name is Sloth, and chunk sharing a chocolate bar. Chocolate bar is called: Baby Ruth. Sloth kisses Chunk on mouth. Chunk doesn't like it.
(1.10.14) Mikey: 'I gotta go to the bathroom'. He says this while they all are in a cave. Mikey: 'Who's gotta go to?' Everyone response; they all have to go. Mikey: 'OK this is the little boys room, that the little girls room'. Brand goes in another direction. Mikey: 'Brand, where you going?' Brand: 'This is the men's room'. Mikey to Data: 'Where are you going?'. Data: 'To the men's room Mikey'. Mouth: 'Yeah, we're going to the men's room'.
(1.10.57) Brand, Date and Mouth: all are taking a leak in the "men's room". Mikey is too, we see a second later. (Meaning: they are not little boys anymore.)
(1.11.21) Andy "sees Mikey" and tongue kisses him. Earlier in the movie she holds hands with him (because of the scary cave). They French kiss for seconds.
(1.11.49) Girl Stef to girl Andy: 'Okay, you kissed, now tell'. Andy: 'There is something weird.' Stef: 'What, what is it?'. Andy: 'Does Brand wear braces?'. So she wrongly kissed Mikey, because it was a bit dark in the cave. Stef, who saw her kiss Mikey is laughing. Andy: 'Stef, it was beautiful'. Stef: 'Next time you kiss him, do it with your eyes open. It's a whole different experience'. Andy: 'Be careful around here. there's a hole around, I think. I think Brand was standing in it'. (Brand is much taller than Mikey.)
(1.13.33) Mouth: 'Jerk alert'.
(1.15.07) Both bad guys (adult men) fall on their crotch. A scene before, Data did a "fuck you" movement to the bad guys with his arms but without the middle finger though.
(1.17.48) Andy playing a sort of "piano": 'I hit the wrong note. I'm not Liberace you know'. Liberace was gay but he kept this a secret all his life.
(1.20.23) Yes, the famous playground slide scene is here. Afterwards they all hug each other often. Mikey hugs with Data. Andy, Mouth and Stef hug in a trio kind of way. Stef looks very boyish by the way. Stef and Mouth hug each other a second. Stef realizes she is hugging him and she pushes him away. (Corey Feldman, who plays Mouth, is up to today traumatized making this movie.)
(1.27.15) Mikey: 'I got an idea. I saw this on the Hardy Boys'. (Language.)
(1.28.12) Data shoots an attack trap on the crotch of one of the bad guys.
(1.29.43) Brand saves Andy.
(1.30.08) "Monster" Sloth comes to save the kids.
(1.32.00) Romantic scene involving Brand and Andy. French kissing each other.
(1.39.19) Mouth and Stef hug and they talk nice to each other.
(1.39.32) Andy to Mikey: 'You keep kissing girls the way you do... The parts of you that don't work so good... ...They'll catch up to the ones that do'. Then she kisses him on the cheek. And after that she French kisses brand.
(1.40.52) 'Chunk loves Sloth', he tells him. A fat boy cannot have a girl (or a boy) but only a nice "monster" to love. So sad, all those movies if you are fat. Chunk says Sloth can live with him.

And maybe the most important hidden message is the water slide through the tunnel, where all characters go through. But my name is not Sigmund Freud. You have to figure the meaning of this out for yourself.

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"Wees eerlijk en laat zien wie je bent."
"Kinderen moeten veel meer zeggenschap krijgen."
"Alle zedenwetten moeten weg."
"Pedohaat heeft niets met seks te maken."
"We gaan verkeerd met seksualiteit om."
"Hoe zinniger wat je zegt, hoe bozer men wordt."
"Zonder pedofilie zou de wereld veel armer zijn."