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Who are the real populists?

© 5 March 2018 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

In an article on the Belgium website MO* Magazine [1] I read an interesting statement by Jan Zielonka. He's a professor at Oxford University. Zielonka said that Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen en Matteo Salvini are not pupulists. Zielonka believes the real populists are Silvio Berlusconi and Donald Trump, and even Emmanuel Macron and Mark Rutte. These politicians use the contra-revolutionary wave to gain and keep power. He is blaming the socialist parties, the Christian-democratic parties and the liberal parties in Europe to be the real populists. They betrayed their ideology in exchange for votes. Doing this for many years, in the end will make that you will lose all the idealistic supporters.

I agree with Zielonka. Well, maybe the Dutch Geert Wilders can be called a populist too on a lot of issues. Pim Fortuyn was in my opinion not a populist. He was in favor of pedosexual relationships. How can such a person be called a populist? He had beliefs and he expressed those. Instead of the 'normal' politicians: they want votes, and opinions are second hand. Zielonka says that the old political parties should go back to their roots. I fully agree with this. In The Netherlands the socialist party PvdA, the Christian-democratic party CDA and the liberal party VVD are more or less fascist parties. They don't care about the constitution. Pedophile association Martijn was disbanded after these parties pushed judges in this direction.

Yes, I keep using the pedophile issue because it is a perfect example of what is going on in today's society. The same thing can be said on many different topics too of course. In The Netherlands we have another liberal party called D66 and we have a left party called GroenLinks (Green Left). These parties wanted to abolish the age of consent in our sex laws. (Almost all other parties wanted an age of consent of twelve years.) They now are against all sexual relationships below the year of sixteen when there is an age gap of let's say two or three years or more. Even when three kids have sex together and a judge says it is illegal, they keep their mouths shut. So these parties changed from: total freedom to extreme oppression. They don't differ a bit from the Christian-democrats. Not for one millimeter. How is this possible? GroenLinks now act like the Obama movement in the USA. Their image of 'change' is more important than their content. Left party GroenLinks was in the 1990s in favor of bombing in former Yugoslavia. This while almost all their members were against it. But they wanted to make a chance to be in the government the next elections. That's why they betrayed their own believes of bombing people! Same betrayals about legalizing drugs: don't talk about it anymore, about pedophilia: vote for 100% the same as the religious parties et cetera.

The left parties saw that the Moroccan Dutchmen and the Turkish Dutchmen could bring them a lot of votes. So they placed many of these people on their election lists. But only because of their background! Not because of their believes. So we had politicians against a stage play about prophet Mohammad. And GroenLinks had a duo-leader Mohamed Rabbae - he was together with Ina Brouwer the leader of this party in 1994 - who said negative things about homosexuality. This kind of issues were absolutely no incidents. A recent example: not long ago two PvdA (labour) party members Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk left this party to form a new one called DENK. This DENK party is in favor of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This is the result when votes are more important than beliefs.

Many people now hate politicians of the old parties. They look for new parties to give their votes. Unfortunately these parties are usually extreme right parties or parties that go a lot in this direction. The direction that the old parties started in the first place. Besides giving the people what they want by the way, they also lie to them, because multinational corporations are always the first to please.

Dutch filmmaker and long time member of the PvdA (not as a politician though) Eddy Terstall, last week said on Twitter, that a new social democratic party would be needed and that he thinks people will vote for it. This when this new party will have social democratic roots. The roots that disappeared within the PvdA years ago.

I keep saying this: include humanism and the facts about pedophilia and child sexuality in your political party. Otherwise you start with a lie and then there is not much difference with all the other political parties. All the nuanced politicians on this topic are gone now. With them gone, populism has entered the arena. Populism is a front-runner of fascism. The only question is: where does populism stop and where does fascism begin?

[1] Article 'Italië ziet vijf sterren, extreemrechts viert ruimste overwinning ooit' by Pieter Stockmans; MO* Magazine; 5 March 2018

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