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The Joseph Doucé murder case must be reopened

© 12 April 2018 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

On 19 July 1990 the French Baptist pastor Joseph Doucé was taken away by three men saying they were from the police. Three months later Joseph was found dead in the forest of Rambouillet, just outside Paris. This forest was a famous place to murder people or to dump them after they were murdered elsewhere.

Joseph Doucé was born in Belgium. In France he started the Centre du Christ Libérateur. This was a ministry to sexual minorities. The center had support groups for homosexuals, transsexuals, sadomasochists and pedophiles. [1] The Dutch Pastor Hans Visser met Joseph years ago and Hans Visser liked this idea for support groups for sexual minorities in the Church. Hans started his own groups in The Netherlands. His support group for pedophiles got the must disapproval in society. Today, Hans Visser is retired.

Joseph Doucé was gay and lived together with his boyfriend Guy Bondar. Joseph and Guy also had a gay bookshop in Paris called Autres Cultures. This bookshop had books about homosexuality, sadomasochism, trans-sexuality and pedosexuality. He soon got the attention from the intelligence service of the French police called Renseignements Généraux [2]. Inspector Jean-Marc Dufourg and his colleagues began to intimidate Doucé and to wiretap him. Joseph Doucé's body was found three months after he was taken away by the police.

Dufourg was convicted later for falsifying documents. And the wiretapping of Douce's phone turned out to be illegal. No one was convicted for murdering Doucé, who likely was strangled.

In 2010 a Dutch bachelor student Babette Moonen made a documentary about this case. For this documentary she talked with Joseph's younger brother, with Hans Visser and with Doucé's boyfriend Guy Bondar, who in 2010 lived at a secret place somewhere in The Netherlands. This documentary was aired on the Dutch radio and she got an award for this documentary: the RVU Radio Price: category news.

Is Doucé murdered or was he physically abused so badly that he died because of it. A natural death seems unlikely. There were more suspected things surrounding this case. It is always so that after a while, the body will be given back to the family. So the family can give the dead person a proper funeral. The body of Joseph Doucé was never returned to his family. The secret service, I presume, did not want anyone to see this (murdered) body.

The French police confiscated the address book of Joseph Doucé when they took him [3]. People later rumored that Doucé just knew too much. Could this be the reason for the murder? This is a possible theory. Doucé was befriended with Michel Caignet. Michel was a boylover with far right sympathies, people called him a neonazi. He produced a monthly magazine called Gaie France. This magazine had (right wing) texts about homosexuality and it contained pictures of boys. But the boys were not children. It was more a 'twink'-magazine as we would call it today. Joseph Doucé managed the membership list of this magazine. One day in April 1996, 673 people had their houses raided by the French police. Five of its subscribers committed suicide. [4] The magazine was child pornographic the police said. In the end - if I’m correct - only one person was convicted because he had child pornography in his home. The magazine itself contained no child pornography at all. This I heard from one of the subscribers whose house was raided back then. [5]

Were amoung these people also people from the elite? People on high places? People on high places within the police force or the French secret service? This is very much possible because let us remember J. Edgar Hoover. This FBI boss hunted homosexuals but he was one himself. He was even blackmailed because of this. A mafia man named Ed Murphy likely blackmailed him. He had pictures of him and of his secret boyfriend Clyde Tolson. [6] In this book, see note 6, we read that this mafia guy was blackmailing many gay people. He was also the owner of the Stonewall Inn, the famous gay club where the gay liberation took a swing with its riots that took place in 1969. Murphy's employees served drinks but they also had to find out if rich gays were visiting the gay clubs so they could be blackmailed. The same for boy prostitutes around Wall Street. One prostitute named John Paul Raneiri later said in an interview that "he had been forced by blackmail and Mafia-supplied drugs into a prostitution ring in which he remained active for three years before he escaped the mob’s control. He claimed that a number of youths in the ring had disappeared after they got careless with talk, for while most of the customers were more or less average homosexual men with money, the regular clientele, according to Raneiri, also included men such as Malcolm Forbes, Cardinal Spellman, Liberace, U.S. senators, a vice president of the United States, one of the most famous rich musicians, and J. Edgar Hoover."

On 10 July 1985 a bomb exploded on the Rainbow Warrior, a ship owned by Greenpeace. A photographer called Fernando Pereira drowned on this sinking ship. Everyone suspected the bombing was an action by the French secret service because they did not want this ship to protest against a nuclear test in Moruroa, an atoll in the southern Pacific Ocean. Years later, when no one could be convicted anymore because of the the statue of limitations laws, a secret service agent admitted they were responsible for this bombing. When you look at secret services around the world, also the Western secret services, you see many cases of plain murder or murder by 'accident' as in the case of the Rainbow Warrior.

In The Netherlands in the seventies pornography became legal. A pornographic magazine called Chick was under fire in a court case and because of the sexual revolution taking place, the judge decided that pornography was legal. Later there was introduced here a special law that forbids child pornography though. The man behind the Chick magazine was Joop Wilhelmus. He published many pornography magazines, including some child pornography magazines. Child porn magazine Lolita was very popular and you could buy it in many sex shops or tobacco stores. Later the climate changed and he was convicted in 1992 for incest with his underage daughter. The day he left the prison in 1994 was the day he died. He went to a bar, drank much alcohol and left. He was found in the city canals. Was he murdered? Many people said he knew too much about people in high places. He was angry and wanted to talk about these things. The police closed his case very soon. Society did not care much about his death. In the seventies he was celebrated and was asked by many universities to talk about his ideas concerning pornography, sexuality and child sexuality. Was Joop Wilhelmus a hero? Well, he was in it for the money and the sexual fun mostly, I guess. But he was one of the few front runners that liberated pornography, at least pornography above the age of eighteen. But his death and that of Joseph Doucé still need a proper investigation: these cases need to be reopened.

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