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Pedophiles out of the closet

Latest update: 11 May 2018

© 10 May 2018 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

There are many people who are sexually attracted to (young) children. Who isn't? But not so many people come out of the closet, due to reasonable reasons. My grammar sucks sometimes. Many people get convicted for 'indecency with a child' or for 'possession inappropriate pictures' and because of this they are exposed in the media. But people choosing to defend their sexual preference for children and come out voluntarily are few. I did. Was it voluntarily in my case? I don't like to live my life as a lie, so I felt the need I had to. Especially when I saw the terrible witch-hunt that was going on. I joined the NVSH Workgroup Pedophilia and a while later I joined the Martijn association. And I began to give interviews, went to a gay pride with Martijn where we at that time were still welcome.

At the Martijn headquarters, well we rented the attic of a former school, there were several people active. Some used a pseudonym. Others used their own name. The same for the pedophiles within the NVSH and the same for other pedophile groups in other countries: NAMBLA, PIE.

In this article I want to give an overview of pedophiles and activists defending pedophilia. If I forgot some people you can mail me about it. 'Please add me to your list, how dare you forgot about me?' The people I mention will sometimes be called C.C. or Peter M. and so on. This because some people came out using their own names but they went back into the closet because of the hostile climate, especially with internet. Giving an interview in a specialized magazine in 1980 is different than compared to nowadays with internet where your name is always googleble for everybody. Because I'm dutch I know less about the situation in other countries. I know names from the NAMBLA Bulletin, but I don't always know if the name I read in the magazine is someones real name or if it's a fake one.

Edward Brongersma. Edward was a member of the editorial board of the dutch gay magazine Vriendschap. This in a time, the fifties, when homosexuality was condemned by the majority of the people. Some day, out of strategy, the gays threw out the homosexuals that also or only were into young boys. Edward Brongersma went to the NVSH to keep fighting for boy love. He also was, a small fact, a member of dutch parliament.

Frits Bernard. Frits was a close friend of Edward Brongersma and they both were in Vriendschap, and both were thrown out. Both went to the NVSH. But the years of friendship (vriendschap is the dutch word for friendship by the way) came to an end and when Edward died (euthanasia) he did not went to his funeral. When I interviewed Frits he said he should have done so. Frits was not so open about his love for boys though. Only in a 1998 biography about the dutch writer Jan Hanlo he came out. Frits and Jan knew each other when they were students. They both liked boys.

Jan Hanlo. Jan Hanlo was a poet and a writer. Ooote oote boo oote boo oote. He did some alternative poetry. Jan also liked motor cycles. One day he accidentally killed someone with his bike. Years later he died because of a motorcycle incident himself. He was once convicted for caressing the breast of a boy at a motorcycle event. And he adopted a sex crazy brown boy from Morocco. Jan Hanlo was not in favor of sex with boys because he was a catholic. It was against his religion. He had no problems with Frits Bernard, who was in favor of sex with boys. You are not a catholic so for you it's O.K. to have sex with boys. That was how he reasoned.

Some people shout 'pedophile' right now passing by my house. That happens a lot when you are out anno 2018.

Boudewijn Büch. Another dutch writer and also not living anymore. Boudewijn liked young boys and he wrote about this several times in his novels. He did not have sex with boys because he did not want to go to prison he once told a journalist in an interview. After his death people speculated that he just lied about his sexuality because he had many times sex with women and because he lied all the time about other things. He created his own world with academic titles, which he did not possess and a child who died, which he never had. I still believe he was attracted to young boys. Being also attracted to women is not uncommon. I myself, as I wrote before, do not like the boxes: pedo, gay, straight. Because people are more pansexual than we think they are.

Gerard Reve and his 'husband' Joop Schafthuizen. Writer Gerard Reve liked boys around twenty years old, but he made no secret that he also like boys sometimes 10 years old. His partner Joop only liked young boys. Reve is famous, or was because he died, for his gay liberation. He was one of the first famous people that came out for his homosexuality in The Netherlands. In his days, his attraction to even younger boys than legal was not so much an issue. Today people just ignore this part of him.

Et cetera. Because there are many more people like Reve. In French we had André Gide, Tony Duvert, René Schérer, wordpand many more. People who were famous for their writings or other arts, and who also said they liked young boys. But unlike Edward Brongersma and Frits Bernard they are not famous for their pedo-activism in the first place. So let us focus on only these kind of people.

NAMBLA, PIE, Krumme13

Within NAMBLA I can think of names like David Thorstad‏‎, Peter M. (he used his real name back then) and Bill Andriette. And in the Bulletin they produced were also names like Joe Power, but is this his real name? Maybe his real name is John Doe. PIE was a group of peds that also like NAMBLA, published a magazine. Tom O'Carroll was active in this organization. And guess what, today he still is. Well, not in PIE but on the internet and he just got an article published in the journal Sexuality and Culture. KRUMME13 is a for many years active website and before it was the name of a German magazine, but the people behind it are not a large group. Mostly it's Dieter Gieseking who is doing all the work. Dieter is German and regrettably you can hardly communicate with him in English (or in Dutch). But he's doing a very good job. But most of his writings I skip because my German 'ist nicht so gut'.

Within the dutch NVSH we also had many people using their own names. Gorrit Goslinga for Instance. He died (suicide). And Bob F. Bob used his real name until his family started to complain about this. His family has the same name (yeah duhh) and they did not like him using it... He though this a reasonable argument, but they avoided him still. This was because the climate getting worse and worse and then people who know about your sexual preference can turn from friendly to hostile overnight. People are strange. The Doors knew this fact. I remember Jan van E. using his real name. I hope he is still alive and doing well. I'm afraid he no longer is alive because he was very depressed - thinking about suicide - when he got a court case against him some years ago. And no one ever heard from him again... Frans Gieles, still going strong, well not so strong as when he was 40 years younger though, but still very active. Within IPCE and the NVSH. I have a bit of a problem with his conformistic views he has adopted right now. Hans and Gerard Z. also used their own names. They are brothers. Both active within the NVSH Workgroups pedophilia some decades ago. I'm not sure if they said they were sexually attracted to children themselves. Some people only talk about pedophilia and children's rights and keep us in the dark if they are turned on by them or not. I tell you: they usually do. There were more people within the NVSH using their own names in interviews. But it's difficult to search for them on my Brongersma-wiki ( if I don't remember their names. And I want to continue with my article.

Martijn Association

Many people used their own names within this pedophile organization. All board members were officially with their own names and a copy of their ID's registered in the Kamer van Koophandel. Every legal organization has to register officially there. Some thirty names over the years were in the board of Martijn. Martijn had also a magazine with an editorial board. Fifty percent, I estimate, used pseudonyms in this board and the others used their own names. Some of the Martijn members gave interviews to the press: radio, television, magazines, news papers. People using their own names: Ad van den Berg, myself, Teko van M., J.C., C.C., M. de Jong, and more. C.C. was 17 when he joined Martijn and he gave an interview on television, wearing a wig and a bit make up, but for people who knew him personal he was recognizable. C.C. withdrew his activism and we changed his name to C.C. on the internet. I sometimes hear about him from a mutual friend he visits once in a while. M. de Jong was very scared to be out but his honesty and his wish to make society see he was a nice guy sometimes won over his fears and he sometimes gave an interview on television. I write his family because that is such a common name that it's not a problem. Teko van M. also did some interviews on (local and national) television and he wrote many letters to news paper, that sometimes were published. A member of Martijn, Robert Rehm, used to give some interviews, some on television too.

Ad van den Berg, Norbert de Jonge and I founded the so called pedophile party. We got a lot of media attention but this was largely inquisition kinda media attention. The three of us gave a lot of interviews over the years. To journalists from many many countries: Belgium, Italy, France, UK, Ireland, Israel, Croatia, Russia, Germany, Norway, Finland, Mexico, Brazil, Chili, Australia, Spain and many more. Only one time I gave an interview to the USA for the Daily Beast. Well, I did some more but they did not publish those. That a camera crew came to interview us but the television company did not dare to broadcast it.

An American activist Lindsay Ashford‏‎ had his own website and he joined me and Norbert de Jonge on an out of the closet website. The three of us went public and we got a lot of media attention with it. While in fact all three of us were already publicly out of the closet for some years. I hope Lindsay is doing fine. He was also a guy that was very depressed with suicidal thoughts all the time. He stayed some time in The Netherlands living with Norbert de Jonge. Norbert is still a very close friend of mine. Like Lindsay there were other Americans like Howard Kline if I remember correctly, but was this his real name? And someone called Kevin Brown who came out and then the state took away his infant child because of his coming out. I also remember Jack McClellan who was arrested for giving an interview on a parking place (there was a child day care in the large building next to the parkimng area and so he violated some Nazi-terms.) This guy gave an interview on television (Oprah?) and he became a pariah for some time. But I did never see the interview. I'm dutch, we don't see all the trash, luckily. Trash, not because of him but I read that the atmosphere on the show was very hostile. Nathan Larson is a man that says he is not a pedohlie but he can be sexually attracted to grown ups and to children too. Like Kevin Brown Nathan got troubles with the law concerning the custody of his infant child.

When the pedophile party was hot news someone called Ricardo H. came out of the closet. Because of this he had to fled his house and he came living with me for almost three years. He went into the closet again and I lost contact with him. He changed his email, telephone number, bank account (I tried to pay him 1 cent with the message 'hope you are doing well,' but his bank account was gone), et cetera. He disappeared before many times and he always came back, but now I have not heard from him in over a year. I still hope we can be friends again. Ricardo gave some interviews together with me and some alone. On the national television. He also felt that he had to do something, but his life suffered too much because of this. I know how hard it is...

I like people coming out but I would never recommend it. Always think twice.

In the USA you have people in an organization called B4UAct and Virtuous Pedophiles. I don't consider them as pedophile activists because all they do is promote the anti sex status quo. Todd Nickerson is very brave to come out with his face and his real name. I wish him well, but I don't like his 'views'. Views between '' because I always suspect them of lying just to be accepted. I know they are because they don't like the same facts which society has a problem with.

Sytze van der Velde became a famous pedophile in The Netherlands due to his court case. He was convicted of sex with boys but when he came out of prison the mayor of his city Eindhoven forbid him to life in this town again. And he had nowhere else to go. Every town refused to let him in. Because of this he sought media attention and became famous or if you like notorious. I have some contact with him and I once visited him at his home. His fort. Sytze was active in the pedophile community some decades earlier and he wrote a book about his struggle with society. Because of his former activism I think the mayor acted like he did. The mayor who signed a petition years ago to lower the age of consent to twelve years. Very hypocrite, like most politicians are.

Jean op den Kamp became known not due to a court case but because he was open about his pedophilia to his neighbors. He is a paper boy (well man, he's not 20 anymore) and he informed his whole neighborhood about his pedophilia. And without much problems. Which is very unusual. He also voluntarily let himself be castrated. That part of him I don't like. Why on earth would you do that? He said to me and in interviews that his castration was not because his pedophile feelings. But what then, and he said it gives him rest if I remember correctly. I thought this part of him vague. But he is a nice gay, always joking about everything.

T. Rivas wrote a book about positive pedophile relationships. Before this book he wrote many artciles about pedophilia. Also about other topics. Reincarnation kinda stuff. Which I don't believe in untill I see real proof. I think the believe in reincarnation is some sort of whishful thinking. Frans Gieles once told me he was, in a former life, a teacher. And when learning a foreign language he already knew some words because of a former life. I was an indian boy in America, not fighting with cowboys, but making love with them...

Michel Hoff used besides his nickname also his real name on the internet. When he died of cancer he got an in memoriam in the local news paper. I informed the journalist as promised. Michel had given the interview to her knowing it would be published as an in memoriam. It was a respectful article. Michel wasl locally in the dutch town Haarlem a bit famous. He was for decades sleeping in a tent in a tiny forest in Haarlem and he made artistic drawings he sold to the townspeople. When he was in a hospital because he was terminally ill he saw his mother and brothers and sisters again. He had not been in contact with them for many years and he did not like them. He said to me: I don't know if it was a good thing to see them on my death bed. I now already regret it. A pastor was asked to inform me and his brother when he passed away. I later saw on the internet that he had died and I called the pastor. He had only informed the family and not me because the family did not want me at the funeral. Meaning his friends were not at his funeral but only his family, that was not in contact with anymore for many years.

Roderik M. I think I can use his real name but maybe he does not like it because he is busy with his job. He was active for some years and right now only behind the scenes a bit. He gave some interviews on television. His vision is in between that of virtuous pedophiles and that of NAMBLA. But he cannot choose what vision he prefers. And he, I'm sure, does not like and agree with me writing this. Hug Roderik.

The last years there are a few new people that came out of the closet as a pedophile or as a 'pro contact' defender.

Mark Lucius. This guy gave an interview on dutch television, slightly unrecognizable: make up and a wig. And he wrote some articles that were published in a news paper. He is also struggling with 'should I become more active or should I withdrew.' It upsets your whole life, and he has some trouble with his work, he was fired so to speak.

[21-03-2020; edit name on his request] This person lives if I'm correct in [edit]. He has a blog on Wordpress in English. But he's a bit radical. I like radical people but his views are, well, very radical. He is in favor of raping children too and making all woman some sort of sex slaves. Is it a tactic that going extreme will make the lowering of age of consent laws seems no big deal anymore? He one time wrote that this is his tactic. At the same time he argueas that you should focus on children aged 10, 12 and older and not very young children - and only girls, not boys - because the pouiblic will easier accept sex with pubescent girls. But then what about his rapes views? A contradiction? Because there he uses not the same 'tactic'.

Amos Yee and 'Youth Liberation'. Because of these two young persons I'm writing this article. It's special to see new people with their faces online speaking out in favor of pedophilia. Amos fled Singapore, not because his pedophile views but he was imprisoned for criticizing the Islam religion. And he knew, I'm so outspoken, I would be in trouble here again. And Again. And again. So he fled to the USA were he is in trouble again, and he will be again. But that's life if you dare to challenge the status quo. Youth Liberation does not use his real name, or any name at all. But what he did was getting out on Youtube in many video's in a few days time. Relax boy. You're still young. He's hot too by the way. Amos also is in a way. I love them both. I'm a bit worried about Youth Liberation though. He needs a hug, close friends and supporting family. He is a bit like: 'The whole world sucks, please let there be peace!' He is right of course but you have to live and not only be hysterical about all the bad things in society. Amos is banned from Youtube. Youth Liberation will be, I'm afraid, if he becomes more popular. But they found a way to me and to other people too. I'm sure they will in the future somehow manage to do so. And new people will come out too. Maybe with Amos, Youth liberation, me or others as their example. 'You did it all wrong, I can do much better.' I hope they succeed.

Did I, in this long text, forgot Gert Hekma? He recently retired form the University of Amsterdam. He gave lectures about gay issues and sexuality. And - the reason I mention him here - he over the years was very outspoken in favor of pedosexuality. Many people in society were when he started at the university decades ago. He is one that dared to hold this opinion and to speak out about it. You have more people that are dealing with the topic pedophilia in a professional way like Theo Sandfort used to do in The Netherlands, and like Bruce Rind does. But they don't speak out as being boy- or girl lovers themselves. Are they? My answer: who isn't? And you - reader of this article - don't lie to me. I know you are, even if you hate me for being one.

In the documentary I, Pedophile we meet pedophiles Bob Radke and Ed Chambers. I never saw this documentary yet. I know there are more documentaries with people in it attracted to children, with the MAPS/pedophiles - and/or their real names - sometimes clearly on the screen. A Polish documentary I remember vaguely. Read about it, but did not see it. So the list is longer than presented here. Feel free to contact me, so I can add more names to this list.

If your name is not listed here because you were active in the fight of changing the age of consent laws, but you choose to keep your identity hidden for the outside world, then I totally understand this and I still very much appreciate your work.

Does the above text accidentally contain a typing, spelling, grammatical or factual error?
Or do you want to react to it? Then I hope you will get in touch.
"Wees eerlijk en laat zien wie je bent."
"Kinderen moeten veel meer zeggenschap krijgen."
"Alle zedenwetten moeten weg."
"Pedohaat heeft niets met seks te maken."
"We gaan verkeerd met seksualiteit om."
"Hoe zinniger wat je zegt, hoe bozer men wordt."
"Zonder pedofilie zou de wereld veel armer zijn."