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It is in our genes to beat up colored people

© 19 July 2018 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok, of the VVD party, said the following at a recent gathering of Dutch employees of international organizations at The Hague [1]:

"I don't think that, at a central European level, it will be possible to force every country to accept the same amount of refugees. Eastern Europeans will never accept this. Even, if we would force their arms behind their backs and they will say 'yes', still then: when you walk in the streets of Warsaw or Prague: there are no people of color at all in the streets. These people would be gone within a week. They probably would be beaten up literally. They cannot live peaceful there."

"I cannot see the difference between a Hutu and a Tutsi. The same for the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni. But they are capable to see this difference unfortunately. This has nothing to do with being white or being of color. Probably it is something deep in our genes that we want an oversee-able group to hunt with or to run a village with. And that we are not really capable to connect with, for us, foreign people. Except if we are so rich that we just don't care anymore."

"About xenophobia I am, I'm afraid, extremely pragmatic. I gave my ministry this question, and I do this also here: give me one example of a multi cultural or a multi ethnic society, where the original people still live, so Australia and the United States do not count, because the native people there are eradicated. A multi ethnic or a multi cultural society where the native people still are walking, and where a peaceful living together exists. I don't know any such society."

"Singapore is indeed an extreme small mini country, extreme selective in its immigration. Extreme selective. It is very difficult to come in. They don't let in poor immigrants. Yes, possibly for cleaning."

"Very soon, you will see its limits of what a society can handle. I understand the people in Amsterdam-West and in the Schilderswijk (a poor residential area in The Hague). Because when living in Benoordenhout (a rich residential area in The Hague), it is very nice to go to the Turkish bakery on Sunday. You don't have troubles with negative side effects, but if you are living in the middle of it the troubles are enormous."

"Suriname, a peaceful country? Courageous, to make this notion. So the parties in Suriname are not divided by ethnicity? A functional justice system and democracy? Uhm, yeah, I admire your optimism. Suriname is a failed state. And this is mainly because of the ethnic division. So."

End of quotes. Many people within The Netherlands agreed with Stef Blok in the comments sections on news websites. After some timid rejections from other politicians and, less timid, from refugee organizations he said that he did choose his words wrongly. I think these words done by Stef Blok are almost an invitation to beat up colored people. Then people can have their totally white society. Just beat them up, like they would do in Warsaw and in Prague. Do people in Warsaw and Prague really beat up colored people?; hopefully not. The Czech Republic, by the way, is not so intolerant as Poland is. Or as The Netherlands is... Anti-semitism is in the European genes for centuries. Non-Judes just can not live together with Judes. Just beat them up and they will leave the country. Stef Blok's contribution for a better world.

The VVD used to have a liberal wing. They always had liberal politicians. The last decade they just vanished. The VVD has become a fascist party. We already knew this when they wanted to abolish the Martijn association, an association in favor of pedophile relationships. Even the highest court in this country raped the human right of association in this country. (The European Court, by the way, refused to take this case.) The state of human rights in this country is terrible and it is still getting worse by the day. We are im need of an anti-fascists party. I am still availible for such an undertaking.

[1] Here you can find the Youtube clips. In my article above I translated the Dutch to English.

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