photo: Marthijn Uittenbogaard
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The Gay Pride needs pedophiles and queer kids

© 3 August 2018 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Today's Pride - the word 'gay' in Gay Pride has disappeared - is very conservative. It is a way for large corporations to show that they are gay friendly. They do this just for one purpose: advertising their brand and their products. Making profit is the only thing they are concerned about. The Pride is more and more about identity: a gay identity, bisexual identity, a transgender identity, et cetera. That a gay attraction to some other person has also, very much, to do with sexuality is more and more ignored.

We also have gay children. But when we discuss this or when it is shown in the mass media and in famous series and movies it is mostly about a gay identity and not about sexuality at all. This is a dangerous trend because sexuality, nudity and pornography are more and more some 'dirty' things only to be explored on the internet. (Children are not allowed to see sex between kids, only adults, when they masturbate while watching porn.) In our streets we don't want to be confronted with nudity and with sexuality. Sex in public is a crime and everything hinting to sex almost is (becoming) a crime too.

The Martijn association was for many years part of the Dutch Gay Pride. After the Dutroux-scandal and the hysteria that followed this case, people that accepted their pedophile feelings were like not welcome anymore. You can compare this with pornography and nudity: society doesn't want to be confronted with it.

When you look at the 1910's you see a crusade against sexual freedoms. The fascist 1930's followed this conservative trend. A new fascism is within our reach or is already here, especially in the United States, the so called land of the free.

We need a radical queer movement again. (Long live Stonewall!) Not a hijacked Pride, hijacked by the big companies that used to fire anyone who was openly gay. We need to get rid of the encapsulated gay movements in the Western countries. They only are accepted by society because they are no danger to the current status quo. All the radical gay organizations have disappeared.

We need to see sexy dressed, or totally naked kids, on the boats in the Canal Pride. Together with their boy- and girlfriends who are their age, some years older or many years older. And if they want to have sex on the boat for everyone to see: no problem.

Freedom is freedom.

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"Wees eerlijk en laat zien wie je bent."
"Kinderen moeten veel meer zeggenschap krijgen."
"Alle zedenwetten moeten weg."
"Pedohaat heeft niets met seks te maken."
"We gaan verkeerd met seksualiteit om."
"Hoe zinniger wat je zegt, hoe bozer men wordt."
"Zonder pedofilie zou de wereld veel armer zijn."