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Lili and Howick - Do people really care about children's rights?

© 29 August 2018 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Lili and Howick, twelve and thirteen years old, have to leave The Netherlands. A judge told them. They must be send 'back' to Armenia. Two days ago they were live on the Dutch television talk show Laat op één. This is a talk show with multiple guests and the talk show host introduces all the guests quickly in the beginning of the program. And then all guests are interviewed one after the other. First we saw crime journalist Peter R. de Vries. He was there because Jos Brech, a suspect of a child murder twenty years ago, was caught and Peter R. de Vries, for twenty years stayed in contact with the parents of the murdered boy and he repeatedly paid attention to this horrible crime in the media.

Another guest present was Joost Vullings, a political analyzer. These people usually are neutral, talking about politicians without ever condemning someone. Also Jesse Klaver from the Dutch green party was present. This front-man of GroenLinks wanted to reach out to the (ordinary) people that feel abandoned by politicians. Then we had Jan Lammers, a racing driver talking about the race circuit Zandvoort. Rob van Gameren and Tom Coronel, two people also from the car racing business were present. And last but not least Esther van Dijken was sitting at the crowded table. She is a spokesperson for Lili and Howick. Whatever that means. The lawyer of Lili and Howick was invited too but they gave him a place in the audience. He could say some things but not too much because he was not sitting at the table.

I never like these kind of shows. Because they have some serious topics to discuss and some topics for fun. After one, sometimes very serious topic, they easily go to the next, very laughable, topic. In between they show a little clip. This time we saw a political 'journalist' that interviewed politicians in their work office. But only fun interviews. Like is he a clown. No politician has to fear a difficult time. It's just public relation stuff. The media must always stay neutral...

Are they neutral? Usually they select different guests in such a way that there can be a controversy taking place live on television. Or they want to support a guests opinion so they select people knowing they are in favor of this view. Et cetera. I think this program also wanted a politician that is in favor of sending the children Lili and Howick 'back' to Armenia. But usually politicians don't want to be confronted with a sad child so they just pass and get away with it. The media usually don't even mention which persons they approached to be a guest in the program. They want to stay friends because otherwise they will not show up ever and go to a concurrent tv-show. Fuck them I would say. Make your own television program instead of being a character in a play.

Lili and Howick are in The Netherlands since they were two and three years old. The don't speak the Armenian language. They know nothing about that country. They just live here as long as they remember. Last year in August the mother of the children was send to Armenia. Taken overnight from her home and placed in some sort of prison for a week before they put her on a plane. The children were not in the opportunity to say goodbye. In Armenia they will be placed in some kind of orphanage were 30 children are living. But it is a place for twenty children.

The GroenLinks politician Jesse Klaver was against the deportation of the children. But he could not do much about he said. All he could do is ask the State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Affairs to make an exception. This State Secretary is Mark Harbers. He is from the fascist VVD party. This party just gave multinationals a tax cut of billions and they don't respect human rights at all. They only want seats and and they are at the same time lobbyists for the upper rich. Being tough on crime and on foreigners they try to win the votes of egoistic and/or dumb folks that vote for them, while they have nothing to gain from this party's policy. Because an ex-VVD party member started the fascist PVV party and he (Geert Wilders) is very successful with this, the VVD just turned fascist too. They have no liberal ideology at all anymore: only getting as many votes possible at all costs. Coalition members can come into action. The Christian democrats, CDA, are also for years now, a right wing party. Don't expect they will stand up for these children. They don't care about children's rights. They want a Christian society with Christian norms. No human rights but very strict sexual norms. A party of hate instead of brotherly love. The Christian Union party (ChristenUnie) doesn't agree with these tough laws on asylum seekers but they are a small party and almost never in our government. They are afraid to risk a cabinet crisis. The D66 party is very against the PVV, but in reality they have never any strong ideology, Their only ideology, since they were founded in 1966, is to rape their own election program. Over and over again.

Maybe because these two children now have a public face, an exception will be made. But others are not so lucky. Maybe an exception will not be made because the VVD and the CDA want to show they listen to the people that shout harder and harder: out with all the asylum seekers. Today Harbers said the chance they could stay is a very little one. There is no real solution he said. As if his hands are tight and he is not responsible.

Crime reporter Peter R. de Vries said that we find it terrible if a child has been murdered, but we just sit and watch while the lives of other children are destroyed. The children said that deportation it is the worst thing that can happen to you. Other people present at the table said nothing. Only Jesse Klaver, a populist leader of the green party. But he could not do much about it. What about organizing a revolt? He can do so much more. But he wants votes from the ordinary people, so don't expect much from GroenLinks. GroenLinks has thrown away their ideological feathers like the labour party PvdA did many years ago. To get as many votes as possible until people will en masse leave the party for another party with a good PR-machine. Klaver is called the Dutch Obama and he is proud about it.

We must organize a revolt. Go to The Hague and stay there as long as needed. Bring tents, food. Welcome Antifa. We can do so much more.

P.S. After publishing this text I add the following. Pim Fortuyn wanted asylum seekers, who were in our country for many years, to be allowed to stay. This because of human values. He was also a man that wanted to explain his views to journalists and to the public. Geert Wilders on the other hand, does almost never give an interview. He just sends tweets all the time. He does not want to be in a discussion with an opponent. The VVD and CDA politicians choose to leave a difficult topic to one party member and when they fear they will only be criticized in an interview, they just pass and will not partake in any discussion at all. And unfortunately this works. That is why they can act this way. If a politician is under heavy fire, then the public will think he or she is a loser. A democracy is more than the winner takes it all. You must always respect human rights. Human rights are totally not in good hands with today's politicians. As we've seen before, when they wanted to abolish the Martijn association. Judges, like the one that ordered the children to leave the country, and the judges that ordered Martijn to be forbidden, are fascists. Dark ages, but we must not watch and do nothing about it.

[1] Laat op één (KRO-NCRV) - - 27 August 2018

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