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Geert Wilders was right about Saudi Arabia

© 16 October 2018 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Nice to see that after the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi's at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, some businesses are backing out in doing business with this terrible regime, or at least they are reconsidering to do this. Better late than never, is a Dutch phrase. But it is very hypocrite, because we already knew what kind of country Saudi Arabia is. It is not a democracy. There are not much women's rights. Gays must fear for their lives. And people that are critical about all this, must also fear for their lives. On top of it all, Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen for many years and they get their weapons to do so mostly from the United States.

Because of their oil, we tend to keep our eyes shut about human rights violations. This is so wrong. But unfortunately this is business as usual. In Russia, Vladimir Putin is the leader. This former KGB-man does also not allow critical journalism. You can get murdered if you are too critical. Russia even kills their own citizens in other countries. They used polonium and a Novichok nerve agent to kill people.

Killing critical journalists, locking up politicians that are becoming too popular et cetera, is not a problem for the Dutch prime minster Mark Rutte. He visited Putin, smiling to the camera's. It is not a problem for our royal family. They drank a beer with Putin. Willem Alexander, our King, and his wife Queen Máxima, went there for the Olympic Games. Queen Máxima is the daughter of Jorge Zorreguieta. Jorge was a minister in the Videla-regime in Argentina. He and his clan murdered many people. It is not uncommon for our royal family to have ties with murderers regimes.

Geert Wilders does not do the human rights check. Human rights violations by Vladimir Putin: he does not care. He, and many of his followers, even likes Putin, because Putin is a dictator that get things done. He only criticizes Muslim countries. But while doing so, he can make fair statements about such regimes. In 2014, Geert Wilders started a sticker-action with stickers criticizing Saudi Arabia. Because our country, The Netherlands, is doing business with Saudi Arabia and we don't want to put this at risk, we immediately flew our minister Bert Koenders to Saudi Arabia to give that country our excuses. To explain that Wilders is not in our government and that we as a country have nothing against Saudi Arabia. Crawling for a dictator. Something I would never do!

Willem-Alexander and Máxima have a problem when copyright free photos of their children appear on a pedophile website, but meeting murderers for them is not a problem at all. A member of the forum on, not a member of the Martijn Association, placed some links to pictures of royal children. Only because he was a fan of the royal family. The Martijn Association however was held responsible for these acts, while the organization removed the pictures within a couple of hours. No lawyer dared to defend Martijn against the royal family. 'You cannot lose this case, but because it is the royal house, you will lose 100%,' is what they said. One lawyer helped Martijn behind the scenes for free. What a country. A picture of the Queen was behind the judges on the wall in the courtroom... Courtrooms in The Netherlands are totally neutral, except for the picture of the Dutch King or Queen.

When Prince Bernard (28 or 29 June 1911 - 1 December 2004, husband of Queen Juliana) took money from Lockheed (a former American aircraft manufacturer) because he needed cash for his secret daughter (he had secret love affairs), the Dutch press knew and they all did not write about this fraud. Only when this case, know as the Lockheed affair, appeared in the German press, the Dutch began writing about it: damage repair. In 1933 Prince Bernard was a member of Adolf Hitler's NSDAP. He always lied about this fact. He admitted though, that he considered becoming a member of the SA and the Schutzstaffel (SS). In his authorized biography (1962) he admitted wearing the brown and black uniforms of these organizations.

A lot of people in power have blood on their hands, or they do business with such kind of persons. The press is usually at the hands of the people in power. The truth is much less important. Sex scandals, sometimes totally made up: satanic ritual abuse cases, and in many cases exaggerated or wrongly presented as abusive, are much more important to write about.

Hopefully human rights, one day, will become leading in politics and in the mass media, instead of big money.

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