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Honesty and dark fantasies

© 25 February 2019 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

The more people who are honest, the better our society will be. But it is not easy to be honest. I try to be honest. By doing so, my life became not easy at all. But it became interesting.

I think that the human race will more and more appreciate honesty. Maybe not in an up-going line, there will be times of set back, but in the end, honesty will be a value that matters more than it does now.

Most people I know think of me as a kind person. Most people that don't know me - only 'know' me from my fight for a better world for people with pedophile feelings - think that I am sort of Satan, or something in that direction. I don't only fight for pedophile rights, but for children's rights too. But most people don't see this. And overall, I'm fighting for all people. Our whole society will benefit with more sexual freedom. More sexual freedom means more freedom everywhere, because the sex topic is holding people back, and putting them in virtual cages.

Am I also a bad person? No one is 100% a good guy (or girl). A bad thing I can think of, are my dark fantasies. I sometimes have sexual fantasies concerning children, that are not healthy for children if I would act on these fantasies. But fantasies are not real. They hurt no one. They are in a way an outlet of... Of frustration maybe? Or just having no limits while fantasizing, because why would you? Most people have dark sexual fantasies in them. But many people suppress those fantasies. Maybe because of this suppression, but I am not Freud, people act aggressive to other people, including children. I'm not sure, but I always have the idea that people that are very narrow minded, are also the people that make life unnecessarily hard for their fellow earthlings. Many parents hit their children, or they don't look after them much. When these parents, the bad ones, find out some adult has a loving relationship with a child, they just freak out and they want to kill the dirty bastard. Is it out of guilt that they act this way? Or just because they are narrow minded and unkind people in the first place?

If people are kind - 'kind' is by the way the term pedo-activist Tom O'Carroll uses, instead of the word pedophile. So I should write kind-activist - if people are kind, then they will accept the truth. Also the truth about pedosexuality. About the fact that children can have loving and sexual relationships with adults (or with children) without the harm. Harm is a thing that comes around the corner, if the child doesn't like his or her (sexual) relationship with the adult. Or if he or she learns at a later day, that it must have been harmful. Many people are conformists. Also many children are. You must be really honest to not give in, when society puts you under a lot of pressure. I don't make these things up. There are a lot of examples of these kind of relationships that were loving for both and that there was no harm at all. And there are some scientific studies that prove me right. Studies that prove me wrong don't exist.

Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) that say: sexual relationships with children are always bad no matter the circumstances, are not honest. Every sex act between a child and an older person, is always wrong, they say. Not only these days, were many people freak out when they discover such a relationship, no always. These MAPs keep sexuality a topic surrounded with fear, with guilt, with hysteria. And they repeatedly point out, that studies prove that most 'sexual abuse' to children done by adults is not done by pedophiles. But they ignore the studies about harm, and what causes it, if there is any. They never even criticize prison time, given by so called judges. While these penalties usually are insane and inhumane. No, I am the bad guy, and others. They are the kind ones... I don't think these people are kind. Not to you and me, probably not to the people they call their friends either.

Why do they focus so much on the studies showing that many 'child abusers' are not pedophiles at all? They do so, because they want to show the world that pedophiles (MAPs) are kind people. Except for some rotten apples like me, but they are taking care of this. I wonder, concentration camps? The term pedosexual is better term than MAP by the way. Minor Attracted Person has not the sex word in it. But without the sexual attraction you are not a MAP. And a minor is someone, in my dictionary, below 18 years old. Everyone is a MAP! But OK, I wrote more than once that almost everyone has pedophile feelings. Scientists are also using the word MAP. It is a term dishonest researchers like to use. It sounds like a troubled person: minor attracted person. MAP Pride or Pedo Pride? Not a difficult choice for me. You used to have gay people that were against the other gays that wanted sexual freedom. They did not want to give in to this 'perversion', it was a sin. They were dishonest just to be hated less by society or they still had a lot of self liberation to do. In the end the truth won. As it always does in the end.

Disney and many other mass media, now are introducing gay characters in their films and series. It is honest to do so. But they did not do so some years ago. They withheld gay characters, just to suppress these people, including children. You think today they are honest? Think again.

Try to be honest, always. Even if others hate you for it. We have a role. We must spread the word.

PS: If MAPs want to reply to this text, they are welcome to do so. My experience is that they just ignore people like me. So we will disappear in the end, which will never happen though. Disappear in hydrochloric acid or so. When you are totally ignored by society, then very dark fantasies (fascistic ones) of very bad people can become a reality. Just sayin'

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"Wees eerlijk en laat zien wie je bent."
"Kinderen moeten veel meer zeggenschap krijgen."
"Alle zedenwetten moeten weg."
"Pedohaat heeft niets met seks te maken."
"We gaan verkeerd met seksualiteit om."
"Hoe zinniger wat je zegt, hoe bozer men wordt."
"Zonder pedofilie zou de wereld veel armer zijn."