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Media inquisition, again

© 18 June 2019 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

A few days ago, a local news website called RTV Oost (RTV East) came with a story that I'm back in business. The journalist, Jan Colijn, wrote: Board Member of Illegal Pedophile Club Active Again. [1] Journalists use 'pedophile club' because they don't want to use the word 'association'. Colijn contacted me by phone because of an announcement on this website about a mailing list. [2] This mailing list is not my initiative. I only announced it. When Jan Colijn called me, he asked if I was active again. I responded that I am an activist and opinion maker for more than two decades now. He said that I had a new website. I responded that I've had my websites for many years. In his article, he indeed wrote that I claimed I was not out of the blue active again. But the heading of his article implied a different message. And he knows that a header is the most important thing for Tokkies. Tokkies are in The Netherlands what we call the unmannered people, who shout a lot and if they want to win a debate they can only 'win' by becoming aggressive. I told Jan Colijn that he was only in it for inquisition journalism. A quote that 'surprisingly' did not reach his article.

By the way, when Jan Colijn called me on the phone, he said that he could not access my website 'because his boss had installed an internet filter at his work'. He's a journalist...

Still from video hart van Nederland, 17 June 2019
Still from video Hart van Nederland, 17 June 2019

And an inquisition it was. On the Facebook account of RTV Oost hundreds of hateful comments appeared including many death threats directed to me. [3] A pedophile activist from Germany, Dieter Gieseking, said that this would not be allowed in his country. The police would react to death threats, and media would not allow it on their (Facebook) pages. But RTV Oost apparently has no problems with it at all. This is why I consider the angry hateful people that threatened me as the stormtroopers - or the Schutzstaffel, if you like - of certain media.

Yesterday, a follow-up article saw the light on RTV Oost. Yme Drost claimed to have filed an official complaint to Chief Public Prosecutor (hoofdofficier van justitie). Drost is a personal injury mediator. He is no official lawyer. Yme Drost also, years ago, filed one or more official complaints against the MARTIJN Association. He claims that the organization is banned because of him. Truth is that his claims were turned down. Many people, besides Yme Drost wanted MARTIJN Association to be banned. In the end it was the Public Prosecution Service that started a civil court case and they regrettably won. MARTIJN was forbidden just because fascists could not stand the truth. The Minister of Justice at that time, Ivo Opstelten, publicly said he wanted MARTIJN to be banned. It is not accepted for a Minister of Justice to interfere in court cases, but he did. A few weeks ago a whistle blower from within the Justice apparatus said that Opstelten also was involved in the prosecution of politician Geert Wilders. This for political reasons only. The mass media repeatedly said that MARTIJN was forbidden because some members did illegal things, and that board members gave tips to how abuse children. This is a lie, that is repeated over and over. They also claim many times, that parents of an abused child won the court case against MARTIJN. The truth is that these parents were no part in the court case at all. During all the court cases never was even mentioning about giving tips or about the fact that some (ex-)board members had a criminal record. Mass media likes to lie.

These lies are very dangerous for me. Many people think I, in person, gave tips how to abuse a child. They see angry parents on the television. They see pictures of hurt and sad children surrounded the many articles written about me. I and other ex-MARTIJN members never pleaded for involuntary sexual acts. The man who abused this parents' child did a terrible thing. He also murdered another child. The MARTIJN Association has nothing to do with this man. The man, Geert B., once said that MARTIJN Association gave him tips how to abuse a a child. When the police asked more specific information, he could not supply them with such. Because he just made it up. The lawyer of Geert B., Janbart Kalk, said that his client is a fantasist. His statements were often total nonsense, that were not based on facts and he summoded up many examples that turned out to be lies. [4] Geert B., by the way, lied 30 years ago about the tips from MARTIJN. I myself at that time never even had heard of the MARTIJN Association. And I was not involved in it. Not that I have any doubts about the board members from that time: they did not gave such tips, I'm sure. Linking me to these abuse and murder cases is like linking the Jews to rape, like the Nazi's did. It's like linking heterosexuals to Jack the Ripper-cases. It's enormously unfair and dangerous for my safety, and for the safety of other boy and girl lovers too. In the United States NAMBLA was also in the media connected to a murder case. Parents of a murdered child wanted millions from NAMBLA (which would mean the end of this organization) because they claimed NAMBLA was indirectly responsible for their child's death. NAMBLA was backed up in this case by ACLU, an very powerful civil rights organization. After many years, the parents lost the court case. But NAMBLA was for many years wrongfully connected to a murder in the mass media. You want to discuss the age of consent laws and terrible scapegoating and inquisition articles are the only things you get. It's the same everywhere.

So this Yme Drost filed a complaint and many media wrote about it. It was all over the news: internet, television, radio. Most articles with many 'mistakes' in it. Can you call it a mistake if you don't find the truth important, but only the inquisition you're after? Yme Drost said on camera, that on my site are texts about that child pornography should be legal to watch, even when it is of an abusive nature. Such opinion should not be allowed, he claims. But last European Elections, Claire Fox from the Brexit Party, was elected. She claims that images and videos should never be illegal to watch. [5] This does of course not mean she is in favor of abuse, as she explained. She is just against state censorship. When Wim Kok was Minister President in our country his government (Labour Party: PvdA, Liberal Parties: VVD and D66) did not want to make watching and possession of child pornography illegal. After the Dutroux-murder-case they all changed their opinion out of public (or more accurate: media) pressure. Why would I not be legally allowed to share this opinion this day? He also claimed that he saw child pornography in the same video where he was speaking about my websites. Well, on my websites is no child pornography. Drost claims former MARTIJN members are active again and he filed a complaint against me and someone else. That other one must be Norbert de Jonge. But truth is: Norbert never was in the board of the MARTIJN Association. Norbert started a video website for free speech, I think because many mass media censor opinions and expressions all the time. [6] This project is his project.

Yme Drost, before he became famous for scapegoating the MARTIJN Association and me, was not doing well in business. His company went bankrupt in 2010. In an article from 2017 we can read that he is held responsible for this bankruptcy. Creditors still have one million euros they like to get back. Curator Jeroen Stekelenburg says the administration of Drost was not in order and that Drost is responsible for this. [7] I, and many people I know, often think that his official complaints, which he immediately shares with the press, are only out of financial gain. That he gets new clients out of the media attention he generates this way.

Yesterday PowNews was at my door. I did not say anything and closed the door right away when I saw them. They are not journalists, only inquisitors. In 2013 I was invited for a debate with four other people. The others were a police officer, a sexologist, a psychologist and a sociologist gay studies from the University of Amsterdam. PowNews was present, and when I saw their item later that day on television I was not amused. They spin doctored it, that this meeting, in front of a large audience, was a MARTIJN meeting where we were discussing sexual acts with children. At the end of the debate, people in the audience could react. A man, the last man speaking, said that he as a 13-year-old sought actively for a sex partner. He found a 40-year-old man and it was lovely, he said. This man was very important to him. [8] Right after this moment the debate was over, for he was the last speaker. A reporter of PowNews then came to me and she claimed: no child ever wants to have sex with an adult. I said: 'One minute ago someone told that he liked his sexual relationship with a grown up man very much.' While the man spoke, the whole audience was silent. In no way the PowNews-journalist would have missed it. But she claimed: I never heard it. This part was not in PowNews' broadcasting.

Debate organized by Arminius and Studium Generale EUR - 20 February 2013
Whole video at:

The debate I mentioned was presented by Mirella van Markus. She is also known from television. She did a very good job, I must say. It's the taboo topic number one and she asked good questions and led the debate in a very journalistic way. The irony is that this Mirella van Markus is one of the presenters of Hart van Nederland (tv show; Heart of the Netherlands). Hart van Nederland covered the latest news - as they always do - in a sensationalist way. They wrote that MARTIJN Association gave tips how to abuse a child. They picked a negative picture of a sad child to go with their article. As always.

If they would have shown this video clip, of the man who speaks positively about his relationship with a man, which he experienced as a child, then the item would be a totally different one. A truthful one it would be, because I never ever condoned sexual abuse.

If politicians will shout for a ban of my websites, then I don't know what will happen. Usually there are politicians that try to make an easy score on this topic by attacking basic human rights. They never speak out though, against the terrible violence and death threats against us. A good example is CDA politician (CDA is a Christian party) Pieter Omtzigt. In a television program - I was one of the guests - a woman said that people like me are 'pests that need to be exterminated'. Pieter Omtzigt was also one of the guests, and famous Dutch writer Anton Dautzenberg was also present. Dautzenberg repeatedly stood up for me in the media. Anton Dautzenberg responded to Omtzigt after the woman called for an extermination, to speak out against such calls. Pieter Omtzigt kept his mouth shut. [9]

On this website I can share my opinion with the public, that likes to be truthfully informed. It's the only way, because the mass media is only in it for the inquisition of everyone with a non mainstream opinion.

[Added 8 December 2019:]
Minister of Justice Ivo Opstelten told in the Dutch parliament that Geert B. never said that he was a member of Martijn or that he received tips from the Martijn Association. (Source: Handelingen - Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal'; Vergaderjaar: 2011-2012; Vergadernummer: nr. 29, item 24';; Date publication: 29 February 2012; Date meeting parliament: 29 November 2011)
[End added 8 December 2019]

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