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The reason why child pornography and pedosexuality is illegal

© 4 September 2019 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Studies about the harmfulness of sexual relations between minors and adults are usually ignored by the mass media. Which is strange, because 'pedosexuality' is one of the most popular items these days in the news. The reason they ignore these studies is because many of such relations are harmless and if you only look at non-violent sexual acts between adults and children, then the harm almost disappears. Only secondarily harm can be found. Harm due to the very negative reactions of society.

In a research study done by Nel Draijer in the 1980s she found almost no harm in sexual relationships between adults and minors. The effect of such sex acts were almost not contributing to harm. She found other factors that contributed much more to the harm. Factors like parents that are addicted to alcohol, parents that are very authoritarian et cetera. The study by Draijer received a lot of media attention in the 1980s. But no one wrote about the harm of such relationships. They only wrote about the fact that so many girls were abused during childhood. She herself wanted to downplay this media sensationalist coverage, because her one in three are abused - if I remember correctly - was, because of a very broad definition of sexual abuse and that nuance was lost in much of the media articles.

In 2001 Han Israëls from the Maastricht University wrote a book about Nel Draijer's study. In this book (Heilige verontwaardiging - Meaning: Holy indignation) he pointed out that incest was almost not contributing to harm if you look at Draijer's own research. Han Israëls wrote [1]:

"By far the most important factor for explaining differences in the trauma score is still having or not having a strict father. That explains around nine percent of the variation. Second comes having a sick, nervous mother, with an additional contribution of around six percent. The effect of incest - that is: sexual child abuse by relatives - is in the first report of Draijer on her research in fifth place (Draijer1988a table 9.21), with an additional contribution to the explained variation of about one percent (the explained variation increases from 0.22 to 0.23); in the dissertation of two years later, incest is placed in exactly the same table on exactly the same results, not in fifth but in eighth place, with an increase in the explained variance from 0.25 to 0.25, that is from (rounded) zero percent (Draijer 1990 p.407 table 11.5)."

Society does not want to know the truth. The mass media don't want to inform their public with the facts. So almost all research done concerning the harmfulness of sexual relationships between children and older people is ignored. And such research has almost become impossible these days, because universities just don't allow it. They get their money from governments. And the hands that feed...

Children having sex with each other is also a problem in today's society. We don't want that while it is not harmful. We try to withhold them from sexual activity with others. With older people it is illegal. With slightly older it is already a grey area concerning illegal or not. So only with someone that is almost the same age they are allowed to be sexual. But we keep an eye on them almost 24 hours a day when they are young. And we don't allow them to watch pornography (which many still do by the way). We teach them at schools to keep sex for later in a monogamist relationship. We do almost anything to keep them away from sex with others.

In the USA many children are in 'treatment' centers. Here they are mentally abused and brainwashed. It is terrible. But the mass media don't care much about these kids. In The Netherlands for instance they never write about them. They think: 'fuck those kids,' figuratively speaking. They just don't care.

Children are sexual beings. To inform the public about this, we can let them see sexual active children: so called child pornography. But that is, like the censorship in the mass media about scientific studies concerning harm, not the intention. So we decided to make watching sexual active children illegal. Even virtual children enjoying sex is in many countries illegal. This all is pure censorship. It has nothing to do with child protection at all. No image or video except child pornography is illegal to watch. Videos where children are hurt, where they are victims of bombings, where they are murdered or naked running away from nuclear bombs or videos where they are dying because of a toxic gas attack: it is all legal to watch. I said it before and I say it again: child pornography would never be illegal to watch, if all children in it were hurt. It is only illegal to watch, because we want to deny the fact that children are sexual beings and that they can enjoy sex with others, no matter what ages.

With the control over children's bodies - the so called 'pedophiles' want to set them free and that is why they are the scapegoats of society - we control them almost totally. We can withhold them any rights. Many children have lost the right to freely roam the streets, to have any kind of privacy, to choose their own company, et cetera.

The right wing politicians in the US, Oceania and in Europe are on the rise for years. And the so called left and centrist parties have all shifted to the right. By using the pedo hysteria they will keep gaining influence. We have to let the truth in before it is all fascism around us. It has alraedy gone much too far. All the hate and intolerance in our societies. Only hatefull and dishonest politicians are out there these days.

In the 1960s and 1970s we got much more sexual freedom. Many people don't like these freedoms and they try to slow it down or even convert this process. Many people like authoritarian societies. We must fight against totalitarian states that bans things to watch, that forbids associations that tell the truth, that allows violence to people that tell the truth and that wants to control the sexual lives of its citizens. All its citizens, because almost every adult is sexually attracted to minors (and many also to prepubescent children) and because every adult once was a child themselves. Research about the fact that many people are attracted sexually to minors, is also a thing the mass media don't want to inform the public about. [2] We must stop the repression of child sexuality. Encourage them - not forcing them - to be sexual is so much better to do.

[1] I used Google Translate to translate this Dutch text from the book: Heilige verontwaardiging - by Han Israëls - Uitgeverij Contact - Amsterdam/Antwerpen - 2001
[2] Poster presentation about studies how many people are sexually attracted to minors by Philip Tromovitch (Doshisha University) - University of Cambridge - - 4,5 July 2013

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