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Who is responsible for Derk Wiersum's death?

© 19 September 2019 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Derk Wiersum was a lawyer. He was also a husband and a father of two young children. Yesterday he was killed. He was shot two times in front of his house when walking to his car. Witnesses saw a young men - age 16-20 - wearing a black hoodie, run away after the two shots. Not long after the shots were fired the street was full of people, including Derk's wife. She is a judge.

Wiersum was the lawyer of Nabil B. Nabil B. is a crown witness in a drugs court case. Because the Dutch Justice department knew Nabil would be in danger as a crown witness, they placed him in a protection program. Nabil himself was involved in two liquidations. In exchange for a less severe punishment he started talking about the criminal drugs organization he was part of. On 29 March 2018 the brother of Nabil B. was shot dead. His brother was never involved in his brother's criminal activities. Apparently they choose to murder him because they could not get Nabil. And yesterday, the lawyer of Nabil was murdered. Who killed him? When we look at how the murder was done and the circumstances in this case, then it is likely that the criminal drugs organization is responsible for this murder.

In The Netherlands we have more and more drugs related executions in our streets, mostly in the big cities The gang Nabil was from, is a gang of Moroccan Dutchmen. This feeds the hatred to 'foreigners' in our country. But we have of course also white criminals that liquidate. Criminal Willem Holleeder was recently convicted to life in prison for his involvement in multiple executions in the criminal circuit. His appeal has yet to take place. Holleeder is a very famous criminal. In the 1980s he and his partners in crime kidnapped Freddy Heineken (together with his personal driver) to get a ransom of millions. He was interviewed some years ago on television in a show where he was treated like a star. He was also given a column in a popular Dutch magazine called Nieuwe Revu. Holleeder wrote 26 columns for this magazine and he was the best paid columnist of our country. He received 2,000 euro's for each column. [1]

But then his sister started talking and she recorded secretly when talking to Willem. And guess what. Willem was a criminal. He shouted at and threatened his sister. I think it is absurd they gave him a column. If Freddy Heineken still was living they never would have dared to do so. Heineken was a powerful man. He was the owner of the beer company Heineken. Freddy Heineken was released after his family paid millions. A huge part of that money was never found.

But let's talk about the war on drugs. This war made many thousands of victims. Some countries are totally ruined by this war. In South American countries, like for instance Columbia, many people have been killed in this war. Also many politicians there are involved in the criminal drugs gangs and many policemen also. It is a huge attack on the democracy in these countries. In The Netherlands, drugs that the police confiscate disappears regularly. Corrupt police officers simply steal the drugs. They write down that x kilo was found, were in reality it was two times x. The criminals never complain: 'it was much more,' knowing that that will only increase their prison time. And people are killed in the drugs war also here in The Netherlands. No one is ever killed recently in the alcohol war. We can legally buy alcohol in our shops. In Al Capone's time many people were killed in the alcohol war. The United States made alcohol illegal and because there still was demand for it, criminals saw an opportunity to become very rich. Are the many thousands of drug war related deaths worth it? No, because when you want to use drugs like cocaine and so on you can still do so. The war on drugs did not prevent this.

The war on drugs gives the state and the police also huge powers. And not only in their own country but in other countries as well. The US has turned over governments in other countries because of this war. They can let a puppet govern a country - and let them deal in drugs - as long as they behave like a US puppet.

When all drugs would be legal the drugs war will end immediately. You will have may less people killed and it is not likely that more drug users will die because it is already easy to get nowadays. And you can inform the public about the dangers and you can inspect the drugs that is sold to the people. Now some people die because sometimes drugs are sold that are so dangerous that it immediately could kill you when using the regular amount of it.

The Dutch police is fighting drugs the most of its time. They don't have time for stolen bicycles, they don't have time for home burglaries. The war on drugs consumes all their time (and second maybe the war on sex).

So back to my question: who is responsible for Derk Wiersum's death? The people that are in favor of the war on drugs are indirectly responsible for his death. And not only his death. So many more people died. People who also had a partner, had friends, had children. That many of these victims are from South American countries, or the from the black underclass in the United States, does not mean it is not happening. It does not mean that people don't suffer. They suffer because they lost a family member, a good friend. Or because that person is doing many years in prison.

[1] Oud-hoofdredacteur Nieuwe Revu heeft spijt van column Willem Holleeder - - - 12 August 2015

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