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I'm on a pro-pedosexuality mailing list again!

© 4 April 2020 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

In January this year, I and three others (Maatman, Van den Berg and De Jonge) had their houses raided by the moral police, because of 'continuing a criminal organization'. I believe that the reason they came to me was an email list called 'mnop'. (I had no idea that this would be considered criminal by the way!) I already had made clear that I'm not planning to re-establish the political party PNVD (Party for Neighborly Love, Freedom and Diversity). This out of fear. I'm for years a victim of terror and I had to make this choice. The police tapped my phone, my internet, my Twitter personal messages and they tapped our Skype conversations, so they knew I was not planning anymore to be in the PNVD, part 2.

From the Maatman dossier, I know the police had our phone data from 22 May 2009 till 22 November 2019. And our phone speech recordings from 4 till 17 December 2019. Our IP-taps (internet) from 22 November 2019 with no end date. On 8 December 2019 they recorded a Skype meeting.

I know I'm being shadowed by the police for over more than ten years everywhere I go, and that they tap my phone for years because they know things and they almost admitted they tapped my phone. When I planned to marry my husband they called and asked if we kept it under the radar because they were afraid of riots. This due to riots some days before, because I was seen in a flat in the town Deventer and people believed I was planning to move to Deventer permanently, which I wasn't. At that time someone called me on the phone and he had information but he could not say how he got this info or for who he worked with. But he could not have known about our planned marriage without phone tapping. He was glad that we did not plan our wedding in the open due to possible riots.

After the house search, a friend who was for many years active in NAMBLA, said: mail me only on this mail address, and he gave an address from a privacy mail account. I mailed him and he mailed me. Some time later we mailed again. Today I checked my mail there - this mail account is not yet in my system, so I don't check regularly - and I saw many emails in my inbox. What was the case? I'm placed on an email-list and it has ten contributors right now. Mostly pedophile activists from the USA I believe. So I'm again on an email list pro-pedosexuality. Let me first explain what such a list is. It is not about abusing kids or about breaking the law. Only if free speech is breaking the law that is... It is about trying to discuss how we can change society for the better. The discussion I saw here today, was about the corona crisis. They argued that this crisis - how bad it is for people - is also changing peoples views in the mass media. There are in the mass media at this time critical articles being published about our society. Criticism about the extreme amount of people locked up in prison in the USA. Criticism about our consuming based society, where people are more a useful product instead of a human being. Et cetera.

My partner's bicycle
My partner's bicycle

Today I responded to this email list as follows:

Hello all. I'm not very familiar with [name email program] yet and I just checked my mail since a week or so. Now I see that I'm on an email-list. I'm fine with that, but it was such an email-list that gave me and three others a house search because of 'continuing a criminal organization'! In this search, the whole Martijn-archive was taken away by the fascist police: 30 years of incoming and outgoing post, magazines, and much more. My husband was arrested with false charges and I could not even phone him for 10 weeks because he was placed under restrictions. He is arrested for 'planning sexual abuse', which he never planned. This planning is all based on nonsense. If you can speak Dutch, here is a video I recently made about it: .

Can I expect a knock on the door tomorrow again? Well, knock: the police destroyed my front door in January.

My husband was arrested mainly because he had tie wraps in his bag. These tie wraps he had recently used on his bike. See picture. They are maybe planning to expand the charges with production or possession of child porn. One boy of eight showed his butt to the camera one time. But when you show this to his mother she will only laugh about it. It was not that he was told to do so. There were many clips and photos made by my partner of this boy and other kids too. He made a photo book for these kids and their parents. His friendship with these boys, that visited us from time to time, is now criminalized by the police. The father of one of the boys and sort of semi-father of the other boy, still is a friend and he visited me a couple of times with words of friendship. And except for that one naked butt they say he has some manga cartoons but these can be found on the normal internet and only if the drawings cannot be distinguished from real it is illegal (must be 'levensecht'). And he told me - I can speak with him by phone now, after ten weeks of isolation - that they also labeled a Jan Saudek photo as child pornography. These photos are in museums! But officially the cp charge is not there yet, because they made a procedure error or so, I was told by our lawyer. Or they did it on purpose to use it the next time.

Will corona stop the fascism. I truly hope so, but let's not get my hopes to high. Until now, 2020 is a disaster year.

PS: Norbert de Jonge, Nelson Maatman and Ad van den Berg are not on this mailing list. They were on mnop, but Ad only for a couple of days without posting much, which was an initiative/a project by Norbert that I advertised for on this website, when he asked me to. (That all started this latest pedo hunt I think. Norbert became active again, after years of redraw from activism, and just doing programming work for a boss.) And why should it be illegal to mail people? Why does so little people defend freedom of speech I keep wondering.

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"Wees eerlijk en laat zien wie je bent."
"Kinderen moeten veel meer zeggenschap krijgen."
"Alle zedenwetten moeten weg."
"Pedohaat heeft niets met seks te maken."
"We gaan verkeerd met seksualiteit om."
"Hoe zinniger wat je zegt, hoe bozer men wordt."
"Zonder pedofilie zou de wereld veel armer zijn."