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Visitors not allowed

© 11 July 2020 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Most court cases in The Netherlands are public. Only in exceptional circumstances, a court case may take place behind closed doors. Two days ago, my husband had a court case (a pre-trial case) against him and I was not allowed to attend this case, because of Corona. My husband also was not allowed to be physically present in the courtroom. He had to make use of a video connection. One day before this case, he still wasn't informed if he could attend it. The press however, was allowed to attend the court case.

(Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay)
(Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay)

Nelson Maatman, a pedophile activist wanted to attend this case and also Ad van den Berg's case which was held just before my husband's case, so he claimed to be a journalist. In fact he was, because he 'tweeted' (gabbed) on Gab during the case of Ad van den Berg. After a while, he was recognized by the prosecutor, and after Ad's case they withheld him from entering the court room again, so he could not attend my husband's case.

It is a violation of our basic rights, if we as citizens are not allowed to attend public court cases. Only some 'journalists' from major (pulp) news media are allowed to fulfill their watchdog duty. Compare it with a court case about homosexuality in the 1950's. Do you really believe the press from that time would report correctly without prejudices about the case?

It wasn't the first time my husband was denied to be present in the court room of his own case. Only one time he was allowed to be present, but that time the car that would drive him 'accidentally' drove to the wrong prison. So in the end he again had to use the video connection instead. His case, by the way, had already begun without him. Nelson Maatman also had to use an internet connection in his trial, but the connection did not work then. What did they do? They just held the pre-trial case totally without him. In a pre-trial case, judges decide if preliminary imprisonment is (still) justified.

The lawyer of my husband was allowed in the court room, but my husband wanted to speak with him before the meeting, which now was impossible. In an earlier meeting his lawyer even was not allowed in the court room and he also had to use a video connection, while the prosecutor was allowed in the court room. This is a good example how the judges, the 'independent' press and the prosecutors form one group. As someone standing trial you already are 2-0 behind if you are placed away somewhere miles away behind a video connection, and even more so if your lawyer also is not allowed to show up in person.

After six months, my husband finally will be released from his pre-trial custody. They arrested him for 'planning sexual abuse', which he never planned. The first two months he was locked up in total isolation (even without radio and television). The prosecutors never made clear to him, in all the cases so far, how he was planning something illegal. They just took him like a Jew in the Nazi-era, just because they wanted to infiltrate our lives and destroy all our friendships with other people.

In the media, they wrote that we had a special children's bedroom, with children's toys and sex toys. This is fake news. We have not, and never had, a special children's bedroom. This room always was our guest room and it has an adult size bed. There are no child toys in this room, only some merchandise like the Zelda sword, a R2D2 clock, and South Park figurines, still in their packages by the way. And my partner had some sex toys for private use, which he did not store in the guest room, but in his own room in some sort of chest. The prosecutor just lied about this: he knew it to be untrue. The so called journalists eagerly wrote this down, without contacting me to verify this information. The prosecutor, named Zlatko Trokic, even said that our garage was for producing child porn. He just made these accusation up, totally out of the blue, which would be libel if someone would say such a thing about someone in public. Which is a crime. My partner and I are considering to file an official complaint about this man. The news web site RTV Oost uses all the time a photograph of our house, when they write about the so called “special children's room”. This even after someone recently had entered my house with a knife shouting that he would kill me!

The prosecutors even wanted my partner to be monitored in the 'Pieter Baan Centrum'. In this institute, people are declared psychologically sick by shrinks and they can even lock you up unless you lie that you changed your views. Of course, some real criminals, that are mentally ill are locked up there, but also many totally sane people. The average of sanity is higher among the locked up ones, compared to the sanity of the shrinks which abuse them day in day out. These clinics are very inhumane and they are a crime against humanity. That the prosecutors wanted my partner to be examined by this clinic, shows how inhumane they act. Fortunately the judge ordered the release of my partner. Former judges in his case should have done so much earlier. My husband should never have been arrested in the first place and our house should never have been raided by the thought police.

The Netherlands is copying more and more the very inhumane "Justice" system from the United States. Prosecutors withhold any information which would be positive for a defendant, they repeatedly lie and exaggerate everything, just to get a conviction. And they want the strongest penalty possible. That's how they judge their success in a court case...

In some news articles they claim my partner is suspected of producing child porn for a period of two years. This is also, it's getting boring to repeat, a lie. Some years ago there was a complaint from someone about a boy that was photographed while he took a shower. But this was before my partner met him for the first time. There is no doubt about this fact and still they try to lie about it. My partner once filmed, with his phone, a boy that repeatedly visited us and which he met many times at his mother's house. When he filmed him one time the boy showed his butt doing a popular dance (the Shin chan dance, a butt shaking dance which was a hype among kids). That's all. My partner did not say he should do this dance. A video like this is innocent. Only because he is my partner, they try to make it a crime. And this video, which he better had deleted, but that is wisdom of hindsight, is not child porn at all. These two incidents, the fist he was not even involved in, are claimed by the media to be two years of producing child porn.

My partner will be released in a few weeks from now, but he is not allowed to contact the children and their parents mentioned in his dossier. A father of three kids, which my partner took - the kids - everywhere for some years: museums, theater plays, cinema, swimming pools, amusement parks, signed that he totally believes my partner did not do anything wrong with his children. And that he hopes my partner would be released. And he also wrote that his children are missing him. This man, who always tells me not to lose hope, also wanted to attend the court case, which he was denied because of Corona. My husband now is not allowed to stay in contact with him and his children until the end of this court case. This trial can last for many months. My partner is depressed about this. He said to me: 'I did nothing wrong, and they can ruin my life.' He had a job, and that is maybe ruined also as you can imagine. Plus we lost some friends that are now afraid to stay in touch with us.

It are all huge violations of basic human rights. People should be free to speak out against terror, and they should be free to speak the truth about pedophilia and child sexuality. Speaking the truth should never be a crime!

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"Wees eerlijk en laat zien wie je bent."
"Kinderen moeten veel meer zeggenschap krijgen."
"Alle zedenwetten moeten weg."
"Pedohaat heeft niets met seks te maken."
"We gaan verkeerd met seksualiteit om."
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