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Cyberpunk 2077 - Review

© 17 October 2020 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

11/19 is a date many gamers have in their agenda. This day, Cyberpunk 2077 will be finally released. [1] Finally, because at first a release date in April 2020 was announced, but later they postponed the date. Cyberpunk is developed by CD Project Red. This is a Polish based company, that became famous over the years with their Witcher games. CD Project Red also has high credibility amoung gamers, because they give people good games, without the feeling being exploited to pay a lot for add-ons that don't deliver, which - ripping people off - is unfortunately common practice for many game studios. The expectations for this new mega project by CD Project Red are high. Some say too high and are afraid that it will disappoint people. Here my review and I can say: it delivered. It did not disappoint me one bit.

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk you have to choose out of three lifepath classes. These is a corporate lifepath, a nomad lifepath and a street kid lifepath. Are three have different outcomes in a lot of quests during the game. Choosing the street kid class gives you an advantage when talking to other people living on the streets. Choosing corporate class gives you an advantage in the upper class and the nomad class is very useful in the wasteland. I chose the street kid class.

The game is very beautiful and colorful. The clothes people wear are very diverse. It is 2077, so everything is futuristic. The transport vehicles, the buildings and also the people. Some people are dressed like they belong to some sort of swat team, or dressed like a dragon (I'm not making this up), others are dressed like a slut. Even some people walk the streets totally naked. In some games, children are nowhere to be found. This because they don't want violence and children in one frame. Some games have children in them, but you can attack everyone except the children. In this game you also have children walking the streets. This gives a more realistic experience. All ages are present. Also the elderly people are not forgotten, which some games tend to do.

What I like about this game, besides the quests with a lot of gun shooting action in them, is the sex in this game. In The Witcher explicit sex was to been seen. Well, explicit, the reproduction parts were never visible, because PlayStation producer Sony does not allow this. I played the game on my PS4. [2] The game will be free to download on the PS5 if you bought it on PS4. Not like GTA5 where you had to buy the game again if you wanted to play it on the PS4 (it came out on the PS3). I'm glad CD project Red contacted me to review this game as one of their first - or maybe the first - reviewers. I think it is because this game takes place in the future and I'm way ahead of my time.

Back to the sex. In The Witcher is was only heterosex showing. (I played The Witcher 2 and 3.) Geralt of Rivia has sex with different female characters in these games. I was afraid gay sex would also not be in Cyberpunk, because Poland is a very conservative country. But gamers worldwide, including in Poland are not that conservative as the non gamers who are on average much older. To my joy, in Cyberpunk there are also many possibilities to have sex with someone their own gender. And also, which I thought would not be possible in a game anno 2020 in my wildest dreams, there is child sex in it. Not only kids dressed even more sexy than in the controversial movie Cuties [3], but also child dildos in shops can be bought in this game. And not only sexy girls, but boys too. And in some scenes, you can see them having sex. The sex organs still not visible though, because Sony does not allow this. But hell it was hot.

In one shop in the Cyberpunk city, you could not only set a tattoo, but you also had the possibility to sign up for a gender change operation. Everything was possible: you could become a mix of a 'male' and a 'female' if you wanted to.

Another thing which may shock people - but hey the game is in the future, things change - is a club where black people are the slaves of white people. These black people are into S & M and are being a 'slave' voluntarily the game clearly points out. But doing so in the open - they walk on a leech in the streets and are called nigger - is not everyone will appreciate. A club the other way round: that the slaves are white and the owners black, is not in this game, which makes it even more controversial.

But I haven't completed the game yet. I'm sure much more interesting stuff will be in it. I'm going to play some more. Driving 300 km per hour in my futuristic car, with my eight year old boyfriend in the chair besides me. What a ride.

Five out of five stars.

[1] Dutch people would write 19/11 because we always place the day before the month. '9/11' is here known as '11 September'.
[2] We had to buy new PlayStations because the police who raided our house later came back to take our PlayStations.
[3] For the movie Cuties see: .

In any case you are wondering: this article is parody.

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