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Rest in peace Jan Kruitwagen

© 12 November 2020 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Today is in the news that so called pedo hunters killed a man in my country, The Netherlands. Two weeks ago, Jan Kruitwagen was beaten by a group of youngsters - some 15 years old. He died shortly after these beatings in a hospital. [1] The youngsters that beat him to death, were inspired by other pedo hunters in the news. Lately many so called pedo hunters are active and you read about them in the news almost every day. Jan Kruitwagen was a homosexual and a retired teacher. It is possible that Jan was a member of Dutch gay association COC, but if so, they will keep silent about this murder victim. The lawyer of one of the suspects brought the news today: that Jan was a victim of 'pedo' hunters. Many people, including me, already thought that this was a possibility, due to the hunting season that has opened.

Image from 'stevpb' -
Image from 'stevpb' -

Ten, fifteen years ago, I used to be active on gay dating chat sites like and BullChat. It was normal that there almost always were boys present with the age of fifteen years. They wanted a sex chat or a date. Sometimes with someone around their own age, sometimes with someone much older. Member of parliament and gay ancor Henk Krol, once had a date with a boy approximately twelve years old this way. He did not ask for an age in the chat, and he later found out it was a young boy when they met. He only drank a cola with him after finding this out. See my interview I once had with Henk Krol. [2] I never dated someone below the age of 16, but I had (and have) no problem with 15-years-olds dating older people. Nowadays, chat sites are much more afraid and they don't allow people below the age of 16 or 18 anymore. Meaning gay youth cannot date anymore, or they must lie about their age.

Human hunt

Almost every adult can be sexually attracted to someone 15-years-old. So the so called pedo hunt is more a human hunt. A journalist from the nationwide newspaper NRC, Andreas Kouwenhoven, called me on my phone because he was working on an article about pedo hunters. Many articles about this new phenomenon are seeing the light these days. Andreas asked me if I knew one of the recent victims of this hunt. I explained him that almost everyone is attracted to 15-year-olds, so that it is a human hunt. The chance that I know someone is the same as he knows one of the victim. I also told him that I this year, was attacked in my own house by some mad man with a knife shouting to kill me. I wrote about this murder attempt before. He did not know this. This because the media are not so interested in people attacking me... This man choose me, not because some sort of entrapment, I don't date a fifteen year old, so the the average men is much more likely to be entrapped than me (zero chance in my case) - but because of sensational articles about me and my husband in the news media. I'm convinced that this led him to his actions. He was by the way released after two days, due to the fact that our 'justice' system does not care much when people try to kill me. If and when he stands trial I don't know.

Jan Kruitwagen is not the first victim of 'pedo' hunters. But maybe he is the first deadly Dutch victim of entrapment actions by Dutch civilians. Before him, a member of the PNVD, Paul Schaap, was killed by a mad man with a knife in Schaaps' own home. Ben Kirssen (pseudonym) recently wrote an article about pedo hunters and its victims. [3] One pedo hunter he writes about is Sven van der Meulen. Van der Meulen is now working for the nationwide newspaper AD. This Sven mailed me a year ago or so, if I wanted to be interviewed by him. I responded that I don't give interviews to Nazi's, or something like this.

Ben Kirssen is a man, I believe, who is also responsible for the uprising fascist climate. He is from, a small group of people comparable with B4UAct. They only want 'pedophiles' to be recognizes as human beings, but every sex law is O.K. in their view. They totally ignore scientific research in this matter. They complain about the mass media, but they themselves are acting in the same way: only talk about the 'facts' they choose. No discussion about topics beyond societies' chosen boundaries. And they repeatedly say that other 'pedophiles', the ones that want an honest discussion about every topic, should be ignored. They also repeatedly claim that they speak for the majority of people attracted to children, but how on earth do they even know this? Their dishonest strategy is driving groups apart from each other, and it is scapegoating me and others. More fascism and more though police is the indirect result of their actions. I responded to his latest article but he did not allow my reaction on his blog. While I many times told journalists they can contact, the people behind never did so the other way around. They only blame the victim. When you want to address a subject on the agenda, then people react violently and the mass media react like the Inquisition. Then the crew always react: these radicals should shut up. And these 'radicals' are responsible for the hysteria! I heard from a friend of mine that Ben Kirssen used to be a member himself of the now 'radical' and forbidden Martijn association.

Entrapment laws

In December 2016 the Dutch parliament voted for a new law that entrapment with computer generated images of minors (not real children) would be allowed. Only the SP (Socialist Party) and the Party for the Animals voted against this new entrapment law. Terre des Hommes, an organization that used to be anti gay, used such an image, called Sweetie, to entrap people.

I'm totally against entrapment laws because it leads to fascism. When you ask one hundred people to transport some illegal drugs across the border, then maybe ten of them will do it. If you say I'm fifteen years old and I want to have sex with you, then maybe also ten people out of one hundred will say yes to it. And not always the same ten people. Many people are open for entrapments. Maybe you can lock fifty percent of all people up, when you target everyone with different entrapments. The results of entrapments are that you destroy almost random people's lives, while many people always on every moment in time are still open for such entrapments. And in this case: a 15-year-old, what the fuck.

Lawyer Sidney Smeets once wrote an article in which he spoke out against 'lokpubers' (entrapment youths). [4] This lawyer, which is my lawyer at the moment, is now a candidate for the political party D66. If he is elected, I maybe have to look for a new lawyer. But I still hope he will be elected. I hope he will become the Dutch Minister of Justice, but in this right wing climate I'm afraid some right wing party member of the VVD or the CDA will hold or get this position.

Alberto Stegeman

Alberto Stegeman is a guy with a television show in which he goes undercover to reveal illegal or unsafe activity. In every season he has one episode in which he hunts a 'pedophile'. The amateur pedo hunters name him usually as their example. Alberto Stegeman once hunted gay people who had outdoor sex at a so called gay meeting place. Think about some parking places were gay people anonymous meet and have sex in the woods nearby. He outed these people for having sex in the open (in places where only gay people meet, thus not really in the open) which is tolerated but not strictly legal. After he got criticized because of this, he said he made a mistake. But hunting 'pedo's' is not something people will dare to criticize you for.

In one episode I was his victim. What was the case. Alberto and his crew emailed me several times asking for a female pedophile. The emailer was a female pedophile herself, well that was the lie because later it turned out is was Alberto and his crew. I forwarded his mail to three pedophile woman and one responded to the entrapment email. She is Greek and lives in Greece. She met with someone form the Stegeman crew several times and was secretly filmed by the this team. After a year the episode aired. A picture of me was shown full screen eight times or so in this episode. While my role was only forwarding an email. I don't know what the Greek woman said because I never could set myself to watch this episode. I was physically sick even that day, because of this. A friend watched it for me. That's how I know my picture was shown. In the announcement of this episode they lied that they searched for a caregiver but the caregiver turned out to be a pedophile herself. This was a lie, because they searched for a female pedophile from the start. They also said they informed the Greek police because this woman was dangerous for children. In reality they only informed the Greek police almost one year after they recorded her! Only one week before they aired their show. So if they really believed she was that dangerous then they did not act for almost one year! The woman, by the way, was never convicted afterwards. If they would have contacted the Greek police one year before the show maybe had no case at all, and that's why they did not inform the Greek police sooner. Alberto Stegeman is only scapegoating all people attracted to minors and only is in it for the audience ratings.

Destroying lives

In the US, pedo hunters were already responsible for killing so called pedophiles. The difference with the moral police and the unofficial pedo hunters is this: the moral police will not kill people directly. But indirectly they are responsible of many suicides and for many lives destroyed.

And I don't know if I must write this, but my and my partner's lives are being destroyed as we speak. My partner sees his live destroyed, because the moral police took him to prison for so called preparing sexual abuse. The 'preparing sexual abuse' is comparable with the 'satanic ritual abuse' cases in the US in the 1980s. It only happened in the heads of the moral police. No facts at all. Any lawyer reading his dossier would agree with me. My husband is free now under certain conditions prior to his court case. In these conditions, he is not allowed to see children and parents named in his dossier. But he never planned to have sex with minors. But due to the fact that he can not see people he deeply cares for, and due to the fact that his close adult friend abandoned him, and due to the fact that he lost his job since the though police raided our home, and due to the fact that people in the streets shout against him as if he is a monster, he collapsed last Tuesday. He said he had nothing to live for and that he was done with this life. He drank a whole bottle of wine because he did not want to feel the knife when he would cut his throat. Luckily it didn't come this far, I took the knife from him. He shouted: 'Let me go, let me go.' Fifty times in a row, very loudly. He cried, he said repeatedly: "Give my knife back. Please don't hold me here, I'm done." I had him in my arms. I had to clean the wine, which he later had vomited on the kitchen floor. Afterwards he felt asleep on the couch. Today he is not so depressed, but I fear for more depressing days to come. I also feel responsible in a way, because it is me who indirectly is 'responsible' for his misery.

A father, that he is not allowed to see, called me and he wanted to visit me (or us). I said: "Don't, because the police will maybe use it to shut him up again."

Jan Kruitwagen is a victim of today's fascism. Fascism by, again, almost everyone: all noses are in the same direction for decades. More fascism is what politicians want, or they just let happen. And the mass media: idem dito. Why does it have to be like this? Why?

Pedo hunters in our streets. Killing people. Like fascists mobs killing people in the streets of Germany in the 1930s. Crazy conspiracy theories like pizza gate. Intolerant politicians, only working for the big companies. Impersonal banks, impersonal companies, impersonal bosses. When will it be time for humanity again?

Why create a society in which so many people are unhappy? Why? As it is necessary: it is not.

Court case

The court case against me had as dates: 13, 14 and 15 April 2021. Both parties in a court case are asked by the judge to give their research wishes. Our lawyer Smeets responded to this question that he still has no dossier of my case and even no indictment. I don't know where they want to sue me for officially - in the media it is for 'continuing an illegal organization' - and I have zero dossier yet. Only a list of what they took from our home. The reason for house raid on that paper is: house raided due to the criminal investigation. Which investigation (or which laws I broke in their minds) is not named at all. So the judge decided to postponed the court case. A new date has yet to be announced.

[1] 'Fatale mishandeling in Arnhem gevolg van pedojacht' - - NOS - 12 November 2020
[2] Interview with Henk Krol (Gay Krant editor in chief) - by Marthijn Uittenbogaard & Jeroen Maaskant - Translated from Dutch - OK Magazine, no. 90 - November 2004
[3] Pedojagen - Ben Kirssen - - 25 October 2020
[4] 'Met de inzet van pedolokker wordt het strafrecht als botte bijl ingezet' - Sidney Smeets (lawyer)
VK opinie - 28 June 2013

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