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Left-wing parties keep making the same mistake concerning the Muslim religion

© 8 December 2020 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Erdal Balci: "A vote for the free-spirited Nevin Ozutok [Özütok], who led the way in demonstrations for gay rights in Erdogan's Turkey, is actually a vote for number 9 who, as a board member of Femyso, gave out prizes to religious, gay despising organizations." [1]

Erdal Balci

Three days ago, Erdal Balci tweeted this text. What is it all about? Kauthar Bouchallikht is placed at number nine on the election list by Dutch political party GroenLinks (GreenLeft). She used to be the vice president of the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations (FEMYSO).

Erdal Balci (1969) is a Dutch journalist and writer, who originally is from Turkey. He lived in the northeastern town Ardahan. In the year 2000 this town had 17.300 inhabitants. When he was around eleven years old, he came to The Netherlands. He lived with his parents and with his four siblings. He is the youngest one. He went to the school for journalism in Utrecht. At the moment, he is among other things, columnist for the newspaper de Volkskrant. All texts written by Balci that I have read are gems: not only due to language, but also due to their content. An article from 18 November this year on the website ThePostOnline he starts with: "The 1960s and 1970s in Western Europe were the most beautiful years in the history of mankind. In those years the masses discovered freedom, the young people raised a fat middle finger to the tyrants on earth and in heaven." The title and subtitle of this article reads: "Social democracy must return, immediately - "In this crisis, neoliberal market fetishists are especially without answers"." [2] In a recent tweet Balci wrote: "Broadcasting service for a secular Netherlands. Who wants to participate?" [3]

Here are some more tweets by Erdal Balci to introduce him to my readers, in case you didn't know him.

"Not less, less, less Moroccans. But more, more, more emancipation, more enlightenment ideals, more struggle for the autonomy of women, children and individuals, more equal opportunities. For everyone, including Moroccans." [4] Note that he does not forget the children, unlike most people do who make such statements about autonomy rights. He refers in this tweet to right-wing politician Geert Wilders, who stated that he will effectuate less Dutch Moroccans in The Netherlands.

"All young people in the Netherlands are entitled to the sexual revolution, to courtship, to the gentleness that a girlfriend brings. Also the young people who started rioting out of desperation. Don't threaten them with deportation, talk about their centuries-old problems." [5]

"The white identitarians and the identitarians of color are punching big holes in the walls of the best democracy of all time, in the prosperous rain of the sixties and seventies built by our parents, under the umbrella of social democracy." [6] I also once wrote that The Netherlands has the best democracy in the world. [7] Unfortunately this democracy is more and more under fire.

"Asscher [current leader of Dutch labor party (PvdA)] would like to look at Article 23 [of the Dutch constitution], but of course not delete it. A true left-wing party had not only scrapped that law, but also made trash of it." [8] I can respond to this tweet with: the PNVD was the first political party that wanted a ban on primary education schools based on a religion. [9] Correct me if I'm wrong. This topic was burried more than 100 years to keep the peace...

"Mohammed [Mohamed] Rabbae did not succeed at the time to have The Satanic Verses banned, but his ideas flourish in the tens of thousands of signatures for the prohibition of insulting the prophet, on the electoral lists of the 'left'-wing parties, in the worried body of the teacher in hiding." [10]

If the English in the tweets is bad, then blame Google Translate. Or celebrate Google Translate for helping me and many others in translating. Pick your choice. If the rest of the article is written in bad English, then blame me. I fully take the responsibility.

I never saw Balci write a text about pedophilia. And I always keep saying that every critical statement about society becomes almost useless, when you never address the pedo hysteria in your articles or books. Because the pedophile hysteria is like a hammer crushing all basic human rights as we speak.

The last tweet I quoted, is about Mohamed Rabbae. Rabbae was chosen as one of the two leaders of GroenLinks in 1994. During campaign time for the Dutch national elections Rabbae said, that he understood people that wanted to ban Salman Rushdie's book The Satanic Verses.

Dutch so-called left-wing parties, like the PvdA and GroenLinks, are making the same mistake for decades now. They think - or is it only opportunism to get the Muslim votes? - that it is progressive to place Muslims on their election lists. Many times, these Muslims turned out not to be progressive at all. Some were anti gay. Mohamed Rabbae also once said, that it is understandable that Muslims are anti gay because it is in their culture to hold this position. Kauthar Bouchallikht, the 'progressive' woman who is now placed on the election list, is always wearing a scarf (hidjab) around her head in public. Only her face is visible. This for me would be reason enough not to place her on an election list for a progressive party. The organization that she represented had ties with Muslim organizations that are not for freedom at all. She merely claims that she does not hold their views and that she is pro homosexuality and pro abortion.

My reply to such as statement is: "1968". It is now almost 2021. When you declare to be in favor of homosexuality and abortion, then you are making the same statements as progressive people did in 1968. Where is the progression of the last fifty years I wonder? Two politicians that left the PvdA were also accused of being homophobic. These two, Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk, denied being anti gay and that they were misinterpreted. But they belong to the front runners in the pedophile witch hunt. People who are forced to be pro gay, are diverting their hate to pedophiles, well to every adult who is attracted to someone below the age of consent. This while the left-wing parties used to be tolerant on this subject. Now there is no millimeter tolerance and nuance left, and both PvdA and GroenLinks voted in favor of banning organizations and political parties that want to lower the age of consent. Freedom of organization and democracy are gone: just like that. Is this only the fault of Muslims in politics? No, but it is not helping either.

Theo van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim fanatic in 2004, because Theo repeatedly criticized the Muslim religion. In his book Allah weet het beter (Allah Knows Better) Van Gogh wrote about a prominent PvdA politician, who also always was wearing a hidjab by the way, Fatima Elatik. This Elatik wanted a ban on a play about Mohamed. Theo van Gogh wrote [11]:

Propaganda - Theo van Gogh
Propaganda - Theo van Gogh


Amsterdam, 30 January, 2001

Dear Ms. Irik,

If your fraction is unanimous in the opinion that freedom of speech is a "fundamental right," what does Miss Elatik do in your party? Or do you want to tell me that Elatik, through emotions overcome, said a few stupid things? Why are you not publicly renouncing what she said?

And what am I supposed to do with a PvdA that advocates censorship and tolerates non-performance of plays in her fraction, while you say "unanimously" that you hold the opinion that the plays must be able to be performed? And why does Elatik not apologize publicly for statements that don't belong in a democratic party?

The SA [Sturmabteilung] marches again, this time shrouded in veil, because under-while that play, the way it was intended by the director, is not shown to the public. And you are applauding on behalf of the PvdA from the sidelines.

I will make propaganda for your party during the coming election time, based on Elatik's statements. Then everyone can see what kind of meat we have in the tub [Dutch phrase]. I am very curious if you are going to respond with denials and statements, as de Volkskrant would have quoted incomplete.
I wish you the best of luck with that attempt, but my "whining" won't stop.


Theo van Gogh

GroenLinks' prominent member, Meindert Fennema, wrote in an article, that for the first time in thirty years, he won't vote for GroenLinks, because of Kauthar Bouchallikht on their election list. [12] People responded with the fact that GroenLinks, some years ago, also had Ruard Ganzevoort (professor of practical theology) and Ab Harrewijn (Minister) on their election list. But I also was never in favor of these Christians on the list of GroenLinks. It is possible that people do right in the name of some religion. But at the same time these people are believing in ridiculous nonsense. And usually they are living in a state of constant lying.

Right-wing parties like to bash minorities. They bash Muslims for that matter. This does not mean that criticizing the Muslim religion - like any other religion - is inherently wrong. Frits Bernard [13] used to say to me: "Religion is poison".

I thought about writing this text for some time, but due to an article on GeenStijl, I decided to actually do so. [14] In that article, they showed pictures where Kauthar Bouchallikht is seen at a pro Palestine demonstration. In that same demonstration, people are holding up signs with the Israeli flag and the Nazi-flag, with an "=" between these two flags. Many times, I too have compared politicians with fascists. I for instance, many times wrote about Nazi-USA. But comparing Israel with Nazi-Germany is something that I would never do. Due to the history of the Nazis, and due to the fact that Israel is vulnerably in today's world. That the Israeli government, like almost all governments in the world, also make some- or many times terrible choices, does not approve the above comparison. Bouchallikht should have walked away from this demonstration to at least escape the guilty by association claim.

I don't think GroenLinks (or the PvdA) have asked Erdal Balci for their election list. Usually political parties don't want people with strong outspoken opinions. Secular people like Balci, would make the left-wing parties progressive again. Unfortunately that is still asked too much. Not much progress after 1968 allowed.

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