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The gassing of Jews is the norm of today

© 17 February 2021 Marthijn Uittenbogaard

It's not hard to believe that the Nazis gassed millions of Jews in the twentieth century. In our times we lock up many people for centuries or for life, without many people complaining about it. In the UK, a law called the Criminal Justice Act 2003 became active in 2005. This law allowed the "Justice" system to keep people locked up after they had finished their time in prison. Because of this law many more people than they had estimated were locked up indefinitely. They later abandoned this law. This was after 8,711 of these sentences were passed between 2005 and 2013. [1] But when they abandoned this law, it did not apply to the people that had become victims of these cruel laws. One of these victims was Steven Freeman. [2] In 2011 Freeman was convicted of child porn possession - including drawings, but in 2021 he was still not released due to the Criminal Justice Act 2003. He died in prison because of Covid. Prisoners are much worse protected against Covid in comparison to people outside jail.

Book burning by Nazis

Tony Blair - the bastard who joined bastard George W. Bush in the war against Iraq because of Iraq's oil and who both lied to the public that they had to invade Iraq because it had weapons of mass destruction, which was not the case - with his New Labour introduced this cruel law. Tony Blair changed the Labour Party into New Labour. Together with the help of media mogul Rupert Murdoch he easily won the elections a couple of times. I consider people like Blair, Bush and Murdoch Nazis. They are only in it for the votes and for the money. Our Western societies all became unfree societies, where many people are dying behind bars because they need scapegoats to fill their pockets. Politicians are bought by Nazis to fulfill the never ending greed of the ultra rich.

If the law, that held people in prison, would only be for sex offenders I'm almost sure this law would still be in place in the UK. The Guardian would not have written an article about how cruel such a law is. It was the sex offender hysteria in the first place that made this law easily pass in UK's political (and media) system.

The mass media and our politicians: almost all of them are part of a new Nazi movement. Exceptions like Bernie Sanders in the USA and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK are attacked by goebbels media over and over again, in such a way that they cannot gain too much influence in politics. They - the multinationals who are behind them - want only Nazis in power.

Dutch TBS clinic

Guantánamo Bay, mass incarceration, indefinitely sentences, 200 years in prison sentences, death penalty, tbs system in The Netherlands, more and more homeless people, more and more people living on food stamps: all are signs of today's cruel society. The amount of homeless people doubled in the ten years Nazi Mark Rutte has been in power in The Netherlands.

When you lock so many people up for life, and declaring totally sane people mentally ill, then you are a Nazi.

So called human right organizations are not doing enough to put an end to these cruel societies. No, they depend too much on politicians who give them fundings. Dutch gay organization COC received more than 9 million euros from our local and national governments in 2018. This was 95% of their total income. Our governments buy organizations such as Amnesty, gay organizations, newspapers and so on. Many newspapers nowadays receive money from our government. Many newspapers and radio and television broadcasters receive millions due to government spending on usually totally unnecessarily ads. Many people in the boards of our universities are governed by ex-politicians. And so on.

If you fight this cruel and intolerant Nazi system then you are totally blacklisted by the people in power. The police even raid your house for it, confiscating legal books and magazines! And you must stand trial, because you, as one of the few people that resists the major terror you have to endure, fight today's Nazi system.

Hyacinthe van Bussel, head of TBS clinic De Rooyse Wissel

Thousands of people have taken their own lives because of the new Nazi era. Because they were locked up for years and years without any hope, a lot of times even in total isolation. For me it is not hard to believe that the Nazis of the NSDAP killed so many people. The Nazis are in power again. We have to fight them. Fight the power. Don't let their goebbels news outlets fool you. Goebbels outlets like RTL Nieuws in The Netherlands, like newspapers as Telegraaf and NRC: they don't want you to know the truth, they want fascism, because they are working indirectly only for the big companies that need more and more scapegoats each year. They are the new Nazis. People like them gassed the Jews.

[1] Why are so many prisoners in England still serving these cruel, endless sentences? - Francisco Garcia - - The Guardian - 9 December 2020
[2] The cruel martyrdom of Steven Freeman - Tom O'Carroll - - Heretic TOC - 14 February 2021

[Added 24-02-2021:]

T. [edit] mailed me with this text: 'Good to see this hard-hitting article, Marthijn.' I responded:

Dear T.,

As you probably could have guessed, I also got negative responses to this article. A friend stated that such hard-hitting texts only gives fuel to our enemies. He stated that there also are people behind bars that did cruel things to children. And that I in my article must write this. I agree that there are people who did bad things to children, but I don't agree to always write this in every article of mine. Because then the point I want to make is shifted into a discussion about rape. (People's brains tend to freeze in a way they no longer can think properly.) And even these rapists need a save and human place when behind bars, and an horizon - a light at the end of the tunnel - in stead of hopelessness.

I'm always angry to see how many people are treated so terrible in our 'Justice' systems. Treated so badly that many people only want one thing: 'Let this end, let me die'. And for these people a gassing would something they even would maybe choose. People locked up for decades, for life, in cold small places with no love. Sometimes with no-one to see for many years except the guard bringing the food. Then I think: 'Am I only one of the few who thinks this has to stop? Lets write a hard-hitting article to try to wake people up.' But most people are conformists.

In The Netherlands, a right-wing party called Party for Democracy was gaining much votes. They were the largest party in our last election: the Dutch province elections. But then people found out that many party members were against 'mixed' (black with white) relationships, against gays, against Jews, et cetera. And then many people left this party saying: 'When I pick up my kids from school, other parents respond angry to me.' But this right-wing party already many times said these kind of stuff. But only when there is a fuss about in the mass media people think it's wrong. Many people have no problem being a fascist except when you call them a fascist. And when only one or a few person(s) does (do) so, they react angry. When many people do so (in the mass media) they say: 'I did not know.'

And of course, also people for other crimes are treated badly in many countries. Drug offenders who are also for life and for decades in prison, and so on. And in many countries like China the Uyghurs, and in other places the Kurds, et cetera, are treated terrible. And prisons in many, many other countries are terrible too. But that in our leading nation - the USA - this got out of hand so badly is even harder to accept. (Because the West was an example for non-democracies to treat people better.) And that many countries are following this, maybe due to our money system, that gives the Murdochs of our world too much power? The fact is that too little people give counter pressure to this harsh system. And the ones that do, are treated badly.

But I'm just an honest person, that does not want to give in to this oppression. It has gone much too far to stay politely all the time.

And people did gas millions of Jews. Just a few generations ago. It is not that human kind is not capable of terrible things as a society anymore. Due to Darwinism we are not changed in just a few generations, in such a way that these terrible crimes are out of our system. So comparing to these times it not so weird in my opinion. And someone said to me: 'But Jews were treated so badly because of who they were, not because of what they did.' But looking at some pictures and then be in prison for 100 years is almost the same in my view. And Jews wanted to dominate the whole world and much more lies were told about them. And what did I do wrong for the police to raid my house? Only writing things like this here. Like I said, people have absolutely no problem being a fascist, but when you tell them the truth, they act angry and they want you to be silenced. If times change they respond: 'I did not know.'

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